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China chases NASA into conquest of Mars: here's its potential version of ingenuity, the famous American drone

China chases NASA into conquest of Mars: here’s its potential version of ingenuity, the famous American drone

China vs USA: The race to Mars is now in full swing, and in this lap, the Asians are chasing NASA. China will have its own version of the ready-made creation, the drone that has captured the hearts of fans as well as a persistent rover companion.

Chinese Mars Drone

Now seems to be the times of the Space Race Championship Mars Mature. This time, the protagonists were not United States of America NS RussiaBut the United States and… China. The Asian giant has demonstrated its potential in recent years, with a technological leap forward compared to race times on the moon that have included, specifically, United States of America NS USSR.

As mentioned, Mars is the goal with NASA Before us from the point of view of exploration through its roving vehicles. How not to mention the last person who landed on the red planet in early 2021: determination. Mission, in addition to the drone, saw her companion in adventures, the drone, as the protagonist cleverness. Okay ChinaInspired by the USA, it could soon develop its own version of the “Mars Drone”.

China is ‘cloning’ creativity: this is why they are so similar

Drone ingenuity NASA

The National Space Science CenterIn cooperation with China, a program has been set up to encourage researchers, who have a mission to think and develop a drone similar to cleverness. Thus came the first model, which, according to what appeared from the photos circulating on the network, gives a glimpse of something. similarity With the American analog (developed by JPL).

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Thanks to this “inspiration” became Issue So he would have chosen, on August 20, the drone developed by the researchers. The purpose, also in this case, is to fly to the red planet and prove that a propeller-powered object It can move freely in the planet’s atmosphere.

So the inspiration is there, and it is justified by the results obtained by the drone cleverness Developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratory And part of the mission determination. It is clear that the Chinese drone aims to improve some difficult aspects cleverness, above all an integration of a smaller spectrophotometer. The “legs” will always be four, plus shapes the structure – cube – largely refers to the design of the American drone.

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At the moment, we are not told when or whether we will actually see the Chinese drone flying overhead Mars. Certainly, China’s goal is to catch up with, and possibly overtake, the United States in the race for the red planet.