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Thiago Motta towards Inter: "We will play our match"

Thiago Motta towards Inter: “We will play our match”

These are the words Thiago Mota eve Inter Bologna:

It is true that we only have a little time to prepare for the match, but we hope to continue like this, we will play our game against Inter. Players are making a difference these weeks. As we are today, it is much easier to work and convey what we want to see every day and how to face the matches. The secret is to stop being selfish and think about the groupThink about helping the neighbor, to make the partner stronger and thus automatically improve even individually“.

On Inter:It’s a great experience and great memories for me, but I want us to play our game and we have to be focused and determined on what we need to do. It’s easy to say cut off from the championship fight. He can compete in Europe and in the league. From Brozovic to me Calhanoglu They can change but not by much, they are two players who play very well in football, they both play well there, and maybe Bruzzo plays that role in a superior way, but he doesn’t change much.“.

In singles:Ursolini It’s okay, at this moment it combines commitment, smile and enthusiasm, so it is much easier to give your best every day. Arnautovic He will make his contribution like everyone else, we haven’t specifically talked about this race. venato Like everyone else he has the chance to play and he’s doing very well, and I hope he and us have continuity. He can play winger or attacking midfielder in 4231, it depends on him because he has the qualities. barrow He is an important player, he can do the whole combination, he can improve attack depth with his speed. He kicks well, he has a good pass, he knows how to score, he grows up and he can do a lot better.”.

Thiago Motta concludes his whistles in the first matches: “They were right, I respect each of you’s opinion, and I respect it The crowd because they’re always right. I never asked and will never ask for anything and I have to give more, it’s my turn, every day I’m here to do my best with the boys“.

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