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Vicenza, Sagramola: "Modesto prima scelta. Balzaretti non è mai stato in discussione"

Vicenza, Sagramola: “The humble first choice. Balzaretti was never in question”

Reinaldo SagramolaVicenza’s general manager spoke at the press conference to introduce the club’s new coach, Francesco Modesto: “We are here to announce the appointment of the new coach, to whom the baton has been handed to continue the season, which obviously started with ambitions known to all and which unfortunately betrayed the team’s progress in the last period a bit. We have chosen a profile that fits what we believe to be the needs of the moment, any coach A very enthusiastic young man with a great interest in work and dedication without looking anyone in the face.We must try to restore an identity and above all thickness to the team as quickly as possible, as it seems that he lost it a little bit in the last period and Francesco Modesto meets these requirements perfectly.

Our acquaintance with him has deepened a lot and moreover we have known him by seeing a little of all the material we have and I must say we have also found confirmation by speaking to those who know him from a professional point of view, which I have worked on. Everyone confirmed what we thought of him. The coach clearly knows there is a lot of work to be done, he knows what the ambitions of this arena, this club and this property are, and he accepted the job with great enthusiasm, so it is definitely up to him to take on important responsibilities. Its shoulders are large enough to withstand even the pressures of a demanding field such as Vicenza. Hello Mr “.

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Balzaretti’s position? Federico did what the manager had to do to protect the team and the coach. As a company we have not questioned, so it will continue to serve in its role.

Goals? Those who must follow on the way, did not give up. We must continue to try to meet expectations, successfully, either directly or through playoffs. We need to create a team that is able to better explain the ambitions and the logic it was built for. We want to win as much as possible, so obviously there are opponents as well.

first choice? It was the first choice. We wanted a profile like yours.”