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The way to “trick” the body into making walking as productive as running

The way to “trick” the body into making walking as productive as running

If we can make our regular walk more productive than it already is, the results will be even better. How can we do that.

Fruitful walking is what our body needs To move towards sustained weight loss, while allowing the muscles to firm up and the body to gain more resistance. Walking is one of the recommended basic motor activities if you don’t feel like going to the gym or swimming pool. This and some targeted fitness exercises, such as those used to train the arms, if performed every day or at least every other day, will bring significant benefits in terms of physical fitness and mental well-being.

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But a productive resume can be defined as such when it meets certain criteria. The advice is to keep the pace at a brisk pace, in order to get your metabolism working as it should. We will be able to benefit greatly from that even in our daily half hour sessions. Only the intensity makes the difference. As much fun as it actually is, walking slowly doesn’t help much with weight loss. It is our body that makes us understand that it is ready to raise the bar, for example with less labored breathing after efforts.

Fruitful walking, tips to make it more effective for weight loss

Fruitful walking, tips to lose weight sooner and better
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We will not have to back down. At this point, instead of half an hour We will be able to walk at a steady level for three-quarters of an hour at a time. We will urge the body to burn fat stores, to consume more calories than we took in and to strengthen muscle tissue in general. At some point, we might try jogging instead of walking. If we succeed without problems in terms of resistance and breathing, then we are going in the right direction. And we will also be able to accelerate weight loss.

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Another thing to do is to choose uphill routes. It is very useful in terms of training. If we go towards this choice, we will also be able to settle for shorter sessions, of about a quarter of an hour. Then also in this case, as the weeks go by, we’ll be free to increase our playtime over time.

With some tricks it will be more fun

Fruitful walking, tips to lose weight sooner and better
A person walking in nature (Photo Canva –

Indeed, it may happen that we are walking but realize that we are not doing much to get rid of the extra pounds. Then there will be a need Make it more stimulating and less relaxing. So we lean towards higher speed and uphill roads. And we make everything more fun by going in company or by using technology support that can entertain us with music or something interesting to listen to. Maybe even choose a route immersed in nature, with few people around. It will make our exercises more beautiful and there will be no psychological stress associated with feeling that time is passing too slowly.