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The (Ultimate) Guide to Pensions: All January Figures Verified


1.7% revaluation in annuitiesOn the accompanying and accompanying services provided.

This will be the percentage increase projected bysnooze With effect from January 1, 2022 after the automatic equivalency stipulated in the Ministerial Decree issued on the last November 17; After a period of temporary application to 1.6% with the aim of ensuring continuity of services without creating bureaucratic “traffic jams”, there will be an increase in pensions and Inps benefits to a limit of 1.7%.

As written in the note:In order to ensure the timely renewal of pensions for 2022 and to enable the first liquidation of pensions from January 2022, the Institute used the equivalency index available from October 15, 2021, as prepared by the relevant general coordination. Actuarial statistic equals 1.6%. During the first quarter of 2022, the processing of payment of equalization differences will be implemented when due“.

So the amounts change thanks to a reassessment of treatments in order to adapt them to the increase in the cost of living. Let’s see in detail.

approved standards

The amount of the allowance received will differ in the percentage of adjustment to the cost of living, which will be associated with the minimum treatment. Thus, only “lower” pensions will equate to 1.7. According to the INPS file, a pension up to four times the minimum rate (€515.58) of €2,062.32 will receive a total increase of 1.7. Once these amounts are exceeded, revaluations will be reduced to 1.53% for the portion over €2,062.32 up to €2577.90. Finally, after this last amount, the new tranche will see an increase of 1.275%.

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Respecting the standards of the decree, the calculator on hand the new amounts, as mentioned in an article by PMI, this should be:

  • From 379.33 to 385.40 for the social pension with a personal income limit of 5010.20 euros and 17262.33 euros if married
  • From €515.58 to €523.83 for the minimum pension with a personal income limit of €5010.20 and €17262.33 if married
  • From 460.28 to 467.65 for social benefits with a personal income limit of 6079.45 euros and 12,158.90 euros if married

related to performanceInstead, the amounts are:

  • €291.69 compared to €287.09 for benefits accrued for the disabled, deaf and dumb
  • €215.35 compared to the previous €213.08 for services due for partial Czech Republic
  • €315.45 vs €310.48 for services due to absolute circuits

“Pension treatments, checks, pensions and accompanying allowances paid to civilians with disabilities, and annuities from INAIL are to be paid on the first fundable day of each month or on the following day if it is a holiday or non-fundable day, with a single payment mandate , except for the month of January on which payment is made on the second bankable day.”


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