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In Agurdo welcomed by two wings of the crowd, applauding Piazza Liberta - Radio Più

In Agurdo welcomed by two wings of the crowd, applauding Piazza Liberta – Radio Più

“If I wrote it, I woke up this morning feeling like I lost my guardian angel, for us it was this Leonardo del Vecchio.” .

Agurdu Lots of people, really many. They waited for him at twelve, and between one beat and another of the archdeacon’s bells, there was applause from the river. Men, women, children, the elderly, Luxottica employees and ex-employees, but also many other strangers to the world of Luxottica, who know history, and who will be able to pass on the character of Leonardo del Vecchio to their children. After the center, the chair took the road to Tamonich, the car park of the “Peppino Impastato”, the artery parallel to the “mother” plant, its blue creature, which allows a glimpse into the Palazzo De Manzoni, another corner of the municipality of Agordo, that the knight kept in his heart for so long . And down the Mugen Plain to Palaloxoteca, this structure was so coveted by Luigi Francavilla, essential to major company events, but also to the community. Another 2-star gift, the #1 brand gifts you’ll never forget. Close relatives, family friends, managers, young and white-haired people are waiting for the coffin. Meanwhile, Tamonich’s car park was full of people, the blue shirts or “uniforms” of the order, and then several roses were deposited next to the remains of Leonardo del Vecchio. Shortly after 13, the funeral home will open with the funeral taking place tomorrow morning at 11.30. It is the beginning of a long procession, men, women, children, old men, Luxottica employees, ex-employees … and all others are eager to touch that man of vision, legend, fortified of hopes. At 2 p.m., Francesco Milleri disembarked from the helicopter in a surge of sentiment that would lead him to pay homage to the “President”. The burial house will remain open all night and tomorrow the last farewell

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