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The three most sensitive women in the zodiac, do you know them?

Sensitivity is a fairly broad concept, and can be interpreted as a sign of weakness and strength: it depends on character but also on context, and females are undoubtedly too diverse and complex to understand, even by the acceptance of many. a woman. In general it refers to those who fully understand human feelings but also those related to situations, even if in some cases this causes excessive reactions, positive and (above all) negative. It’s hard to say “what makes a particular woman sensitive”, but in this mini-rank we’ve identified 3 women who are considered more sensitive than Horoscope.

The three most sensitive women in the zodiac, do you know them?

The scorpion

She is closely connected with her diverse personality: on the one hand, she is very strong but also sensitive, but these two traits often tend to intersect each other. They do a lot of “hard things” but often as a “defensive” system to try to hide a sensitivity which, however, is by no means a disadvantage, on the contrary, it makes them very friendly and exemplary “partners” and friends.


They are very empathetic and for this reason they avoid imbalances (in fact), because they tend to make the things that happen around them physical in an important way, especially negative things. They often withdraw a little into themselves when too many things happen and this leads to them not fully understanding.


It is a Cancer woman who constantly develops even into useless problems, as a result of insecurities and an excessive degree of sensitivity to problems. Sometimes they are actually able to interact and prove what they are made of but this generally rarely happens.

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