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The three big deceptions behind the “economics” they try to impose on us

The three big deceptions behind the “economics” they try to impose on us

Today I finally want to talk to you again about this topic because it is what matters most to me. The main reason is that there is a lot of deception. The biggest deception is to make you think that economics is an objective subject and that you can't do anything else, and thus they fill your head with concepts like 60% of GDP debt, 3% deficit And so on and so on.

These are concepts that have no scientific basis or practical proof, except for 30 years now the clear proof that things did not go as planned. And the second big argument is that behind this great deception which is a deception, dare I say it, a technical deception, that is, they make people believe that economics is a technical subject and therefore one can only do it in this way, there is denial, which is the direct consequence of the first point, The role of politics. And so you understand, if one believes that economics is a technical thing, then one begins to accept the principle, which they managed to get you to accept, which is that for example central banks should be independent of politics.

But what does independence from politics mean? It means from government, but it also means from parliaments, and therefore ultimately from citizens. The third big deception is the fact that by thinking in point 1 you say let's do this, we are the best and you don't understand economics. The second is to tell politicians that the economy is no longer what it is now, but rather a matter of redistribution of wealth Therefore, making a political choice to redistribute from the poor to the rich is one thing and redistributing from the rich to the poor is another thing.

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As you understand, there is nothing objective, but rather a subjective political choice. The third result, which is the most dangerous in my view, is that economics is taken out of the field in which it was born, which is the field of philosophy. And then field of knowledge.

Therefore, the interest is to keep people ignorant. Because ignorant people cannot rebel, they do not know who is to blame, at most they can take to the streets and shout “It's raining, the government is stealing” or go to bars and talk about the economy like we talk about football. This trinity of intelligent thinking works perfectly, so my way of talking about economics is to try to make most people understand that economics is not a technical fact at all.And secondly, it's a political choice and thirdly, it's perfectly legitimate for people to care about it because you get it.

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