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The student is “absent from the assembly.”  The Pope signs the justification

The student is “absent from the assembly.” The Pope signs the justification

“White was A. Olivas is an integral part of the Synod and worked hard to contribute to this important event in the Church. His efforts have been greatly appreciated by the church community and we are grateful for his dedication and hard work. “As a result of his tireless efforts, we believe that White deserves a break from the classroom to recharge his batteries.” Signed by Pope Francis. Or rather Francis, since the 19-year-old student – the youngest participant in the synod’s four weeks of work – will have a 13-hour flight back to Denver then drives another three hours to get to the University of Wyoming, in Laramie, where he attends classes.

For this particular long trip, and to obtain a small break from the session he was attending, White himself compiled the justification which he then presented to the Pope during the breakWhite promised – we read again – to return to the classroom and complete his work, and we are confident that he will keep his promise. We are confident that after this much-needed break, he will return to his studies with renewed energy and focus. Therefore, we ask that he be excused from lessons for a short period.” The Pope attended the signing, smiling at Wyatt, who took the opportunity to thank him for the invitation.

White with Pope Francis: 19-year-old student is the youngest participant in the Synod – Vatican News

Towards the conclusion of the work: summary and Sunday mass

The funny episode was shown during the last days of the council, which will conclude with mass on Sunday. The “synthesis report” will be released on Friday afternoon, then voted on on Saturday afternoon and “will be – as Paolo Ruffini predicted – approximately 40 pages”. Of course, it will not be able to contain all the details, but it will point out the points where the distinction went further and which – as the Dean of the Communications Department explained – should be delved into more deeply. This collegial experience wants to make us understand how to walk together, and how to search for solutions together without excluding anyone and without surrendering to the temptations of clericalism.

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However, it will be a transitional document, “to help us understand where we are – Ruffini emphasized – and to remember what was said in these four weeks of discernment and to resume a circular process that will continue until next year,” when the participation in the new session will be the same members. During the briefing, many topics were discussed.

According to Stanislaw Gadecki, Archbishop of Poznań and President of the Polish Episcopal Conference, “Through synod we can make progress not only in the life of the Church, but also on issues of wars and global conflicts.” For Cardinal Kurt Koch, Dean of the Department for Promoting Christian Unity, “There is an exchange between ecumenism and collegiality. All baptized people are called to bear witness to their love for the Christian faith. Concepts were also formulated by fraternal delegates from other Christian denominations who attended the conference. Monsignor Gadecki then answered journalists’ questions, reminding that there may be different opinions in the Church, but “the doctrine must be Catholic, it must be the same for everyone” and cannot change. For example, at the Synod there was also talk about possible married priests, but as Ruffini pointed out, the topic is not directly related to the lack of vocations.