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The stability pact, the thrifty front is broken.  Austria: "Back to stricter rules."  But the Netherlands opens up: 'We are looking for common ground'

The stability pact, the thrifty front is broken. Austria: “Back to stricter rules.” But the Netherlands opens up: ‘We are looking for common ground’

to cousin Eurogroup 2022, a major year for reform Stability Pact Which must be approved before the bracket protective clause For covid, front countries frugal It splits. If the Austrian Finance Minister Magnus Brunner He asserted himself that he was a hawk, warning that ” religion He remains Dina and we promise to return to him Strict budget rules When the crisis is over, the new Dutch minister Sigrid Cage – He’s also a deputy Mark Rutte In his newly inaugurated fourth cabinet – he emphasized that he had “never had the privilege of meeting his so-called economics counterparts” and that he wanted to seek “reasonable, future and just common ground for European citizens”. However, when opening it, it weighed hardness The new German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, also in his first appearance: “I am very much in favor of reducing public debt, and it is also important that the union of banks solve the problem of Link between banks and sovereign debt.” European Commissioner for Economics Paolo Gentiloni It was recalled that “we are facing a completely new situation in terms of the level of debt, which all countries have increased in response to the pandemic, and the huge need for investments to support the climate transition.” So we need new budget rules that are able to ensure “stability” but also “permanent, stable and sustainable growth”.

on this forItaly as it is known allied with France: I Rapporteur Prime Emmanuel Macron e Mario Draghi At the end of December, they signed a four-day intervention Foot – inspired by Economist’s suggestion Francesco Giavazzi And others, re-published in recent days on – who they wanted ‘More room to maneuver’ To make the necessary investments to support growth and ensure the well-being of new generations. Translator: They hope for one golden base Which makes it possible to exclude certain types of investments – starting with those needed for a green transition – from the debt calculation. Monday Minister Daniel Franco He did not speak, although sources in Brussels explained that “Italy confirmed its commitment to ratify the treaty.” Mine(Procedures will not start before the election of the President of the Republic). But Le Maire emphasized that “growth comes before stability: one Indispensable to sustainable and equitable growth for European citizens.” Therefore, “we must ask ourselves what investments should be made to encourage growth and green transition And every country must abide by the rules to ensure lasting growth and preserve the unity of the eurozone.”

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For his part, Lindner noted that Germany is “open to progress, but a The smart balance between debt and investments“. Berlin expects the real debate on the Stability Pact to begin in June, when the first proposals are expected from the European Commission. This year we will have a global approach to all issues” on the table, “the Stability and Growth Pact, the banking union and financial and monetary stability as a whole,” he said. possible Kag, who noted how the Dutch government chose at the national level”future oriented investments“, Addressed to”Climate change, education and reducing inequalityAlliance with the other frugal? “Sometimes we agree with France, for example on trade and sustainability, while on other issues we may agree with Germany and the Nordic countries.”

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