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The smartphone battery works well: how to understand when to change it, so it is impossible to make mistakes

The smartphone battery works well: how to understand when to change it, so it is impossible to make mistakes

Have you noticed that your smartphone battery is starting to work? Here's how to understand when to change it, so you don't make mistakes.

When you decide Buying a new smartphoneOne aspect that we must pay attention to is that related to autonomy. With a battery it should always be large and perhaps have a fast charging system. So no need to worry Of the percentage that decreases very quickly When you are not at home.

How to check the battery status of your smartphone –

Even for the latest generation of high-end devices, in fact, All kinds of problems can arise In the short and long term. In reality, no battery lasts forever, despite the tremendous efforts being made in the technology sector. But don't you know when it's time to change it? Then this guide will be very useful for you, So you will have unambiguous signals.

Smartphone battery that needs to be changed: signs to take into account

To be able to instantly check the battery status of your smartphoneThere are some basic aspects that should always be monitored. In particular, here are some useful steps that will help you know the real status of the cell under the phone body.

How to know if your smartphone's battery status requires changing
Smartphone battery to change? Here's how to check it –

su android, You must dial the code *#*#4636#*#é and start the call. This is to access the menu with battery status. Per iOSInstead, just go to Settings and then Battery. There will be a screen showing the most frequently consumed apps and charging status. Alternatively, there are third-party applications such as Battery & Which has this kind of functionality.

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There is also a way to perform a physical examination. With the lithium ion batteries, For example, in the long term you may notice swelling in the sides. Which indicates that the charging state is less efficient than it was initially. There is something called Spinning top test In this sense, which simply involves rotating the cell like a top. If it rotates, it means that there are some defects in the surface and it is necessary to replace.

Another issue is related to the speed of charging the battery. In this case, the potential problem may lie in Charge battery for applications. That is, in applications that consume a lot of battery life and do not allow the phone to recharge properly. As mentioned earlier, there are third-party internal applications or sections on the software side that will make you understand instantly If there is any malware it should be limited.