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A lot of websites are at risk, there is a WordPress security flaw: what you need to do immediately

A lot of websites are at risk, there is a WordPress security flaw: what you need to do immediately

There are a lot of websites at risk due to a security vulnerability in WordPress. Here's what you should do to defend yourself.

Every day new alarms related Possible hacker attacks and security system breaches Which could lead to major problems for consumers. Recently it was his turn WordPressan online page provider that allows users to create their own sites for free and with Add useful plugins To make your browsing experience as smooth and complete as possible.

Failures in WordPress security systems, how to defend yourself –

According to what we read, she has been identified Serious system malfunction Which would make many portals vulnerable. Thus, fear arises among the owners, who must apply some preventive measures To avoid possible damage Which in the long run will lead to very serious consequences. If you also find yourself in this situation, here are some precautions to consider so that you are not exposed.

WordPress Hacking: What You Should Do to Defend Yourself

Hacker News sounded the alarm, according to what he said WordPress has a serious security issue Because of the defect I noticed On one of the main plugins From the electronic portal. So we have to be very careful, considering how much this service is used daily and how many portals depend on it.

How to protect yourself from the problem identified on WordPress in recent days –

There are thousands of themes and plugins in WordPRess, which are based on… In order to improve the user experience. Some of them are free and ready to use, while others have a dedicated team working on improvements and security. This is usually why hackers They focus on those that are free to usewas abandoned by its developers and had vulnerabilities that were never addressed.

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The last of these concerns LayerSlider, a visual web content editor, for graphic design and digital visual effects application. Because of a flaw in its security systems, some hackers succeeded To obtain very important data Which may lead to problems in the near future.

So, if you are also afraid of getting hit, there are some counter moves to implement. Starting with one Virus scan Using special software to identify any discrepancies. And then By updating version 7.10.1which fixes a SQL vulnerability that would have affected versions 7.9.11 and 7.10.0.