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The shocking video shows the shocked passengers

The shocking video shows the shocked passengers

Shark Jump out of the water and yes accidents On the boat. It happened to a group of people on the coast of Whitianga, in new Zeland. The viral video, which shows the exact moment when the shark entangled a fish hook and collided with the small boat, was posted on Facebook by ryan churches, The owner of the boat who described the moment as “shocking“.

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what happened

The shark mako Weighing 150 kilograms and a length of more than two and a half meters, he took the bait and crashed into the boat, under the shocked eyes of the passengers, who managed to protect themselves from the animal thanks to the windshield. The scene lasted about two minutes and was captured by the onboard camera which clearly shows the shark violently crashing onto the bow before returning safely to the ocean.

The mako sharks It has been known to jump up to six meters out of the water, and abounds in the coastal waters of an island new Zeland It can be up to four meters in length. Ryan’s Churches in Church Charters, New ZealandThe owner of the boat said that after being suspended, the shark jumped out of the water as a kind of “aerial show”.

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