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Funny numbers.  If relays continue to flop

Funny numbers. If relays continue to flop

Tones began escalating yesterday with French government spokesman Oliver Veran, who after pressure from the European Union Commission to disembark the migrants who were picked up from the ship. ocean vikingHe accused Italy of behaving in an “unacceptable” manner, and asked Rome to “play its part” and “respect European commitments” by taking responsibility for the 230 foreigners on board. The objection has arrived today: the ship of the French NGO Sos Mediterranée will land in Toulon in a completely extraordinary way, but Paris will not take over the transport of about 3,500 migrants it should have received under the agreement reached last June in Brussels, which obligated 19 EU countries , including France, to take charge of a total of 10,000 foreigners rescued along the Central and Western Mediterranean route.

Not only. The French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, called on “all other participants”, primarily Germany, to comment Postings Refugees from Italy, declaring the “strengthening of border controls” and revenge on the bilateral relations between Rome and Paris. One might say in the face of European solidarity. The reaction of his Italian counterpart Matteo Bentidosi was also clear. “France’s reaction to the request to take in 234 immigrants, when Italy took in 90,000 immigrants this year alone, is completely incomprehensible.”The head of the Ministry of the Interior wrote in a note. “What we don’t understand is why Italy would gladly accept something that others are not willing to accept,” he added..

The mechanism launched last June under the French presidency of the European Union, and which Paris is questioning today, was already struggling to take off. The commitments made in the Justice and Home Affairs Council envisaged concrete measures in terms of both hospitality Which, instead, of financial support. However, Italy has so far benefited only from the transfer of 74 migrants to Germany in October, from the resettlement of 38 migrants to France in August, and from the support of Luxembourg, which again received migrants 5 months ago. , out of the 90,000 foreigners who arrived in our country, only 117 set off for other EU countries.

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Ratios from scratch, which the minister defined as “completely inadequate”. “We want to enforce the principle that Italy is the only potential landing place in Europe for illegal immigrants, and thus define a significantly increased flow of incomes in the past three years.”Note Pentidosi, who accuses Europe of leaving Italy alone to tackle the problem of migratory flows. In previous years, in fact, things did not go any better. institutional system withMalta Convention In September 2019, 1,273 applicants were transferred for international protection. Of these, 561 were accepted in France, 396 in Germany, 132 in Portugal, 32 in Spain, 73 in Ireland, 29 in Luxembourg, 12 in Finland, 17 in Romania, 16 in Lithuania, and 5 in Slovenia.

It is a pity that from January 1, 2019 to today, more than 200 thousand have arrived in Italy, according to the data of the Ministry of the Interior. For this reason, as the Minister explained, “Our reception system is very difficult.” “It is clear – concluded Pianidosi – that Italy will not be able to agree to solutions to a European pact that is insufficiently balanced between measures of solidarity and responsibility. The countries of first entry alone cannot bear the burden of sole responsibility in managing the flows “. In the face of .’s “funny” statements Transfer So the Italian government hopes that the page will be turned and one will be reached European management Really supportive and involved.

“We need to review the mechanisms by focusing on rules and safety,” they explained. Sources close to the executive branch. “We must have regular and safe departures, and for their own good too immigrants. Italy must not be left alone”, is the logic. Expressing the same concept, in recent days, was also an authoritative voice, the voice of Pope Francis. Someone who certainly could not define himself as a fan of Georgia Meloni.

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