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The scariest street food cart ever - might be the last beer

The scariest street food cart ever – might be the last beer

Street food is a really competitive world and it is natural for owners of vehicles that sell food but especially drinks in today’s case to really invent everything to attract customers.

In the English language there is a perfect term for what we will see today It’s called Guerrilla Marketing ie A type of advertisement intended to shock the buyer by making him not easily forget the brand that caught his attention in such a ridiculous way. It is difficult to describe in a more adequate way the “truck” drinks that we will see today.


As mentioned, street sale Food, drink and beer are not the simplest thing in the world. It is true that the hungry who show up in Paninary vans at four in the morning certainly do not be alarmed by an unattractive sign or the like, but place owners who may wish to display their wares in the street tastefully must place heavy emphasis on advertising if they intend to make an impact in the audience.

Potential clients of this business, for example, will not forget about something terrible but at the same time a very smart idea that the owner came up with. It all started from an old wagon that was transported for years…another thing. What can I say, if the NAS check passes everything is in order. But it scares us a little…

Other passengers…

The owner of the bar known as Il Becchino brewery He decided to take matters into his own hands, advertising his business in order to completely reverse the name of the place. How did he do? Let’s say the idea came from one of the most famous Mercedes-Benz cars of the 1990s. We are talking about the W126, a historic model that was also built in a family environment as in this case.

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Bought a brewery owner – stuck tight – previously deserted joke And modified – after visibly sterilized! – To transport typical products from your area and sell them in full street food style. The story has already been reported fb.foxtrota popular Instagram page even among four wheelers enthusiasts.

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Mercedes Instagram 22_09_2022 Quattromania
It’s good to die for… (Instagram)

Between scratching at the bottoms and the other, customers can use this exotic car to sample excellent beer in the place it is advertised as such. Advertising It’s hard to forgetBy the way: We are sure that this image will not get out of your head easily. Opinion? Guerilla marketing in its purest form, as we said!