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The Progress MS-21 spacecraft will attempt to reach the International Space Station within 90 minutes


about a year ago have announced who – which Roscosmos will try to reach International Space Station With the fewest possible number of orbits (and therefore also in the shortest possible time). This will allow for a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to manned missions.

Roscosmos progress

Before attempting this strategy, endangering the lives of astronauts, the Russian Space Agency decided to test a cargo spacecraft, more precisely with Advance MS-21 which will be launched at the end of the year. I’ve made 2 Progress charges already docking with the IS This year (one in February and one in June) the MS-21 will be the third and final for 2021.

Arrive at the International Space Station in 90 minutes thanks to Roscosmos

according to As mentionedplan for it orbital path It is still valid and expected to be launched on October 26, 2022. It will be about to arrive at IS in about 90 minutes Create a single orbit. This is a noticeable difference compared to what is currently being done since we are talking about two days of travel and 34 orbits.

On some missions it was also possible to choose a much shorter orbital path from Earth to International Space Station in four orbits and lasts about six hours. Finally, two manned Soyuz aircraft took (and some progress) a scheme with two orbits and about three hours of flying time. The record was set by Soyuz MS-17 (October 2020) with a flight time of 3 hours 3 minutes.


Choose to access IS In a short time (compared to what we have seen so far) it is associated with several advantages in terms of crew comfort, when it comes to Soyuz (which has a reduced internal volume). According to the reports of space physicians, after about seven orbits (10 hours of travel) the astronauts/astronauts begin to feel the negative effects of microgravity involving nausea and motion sickness (similar to ‘car malfunction’).

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On the sidelines of this news, Roscosmos also announced To implement the Sphere project, which will bring 162 satellites into orbit. They will be used to connect to a high-speed Internet and to connect to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The project expects to start using the service from 2025 to reduce the digital divide in rural areas of Russia and not make residents regret not having a project Like Starlink from SpaceX.

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