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Energy, Noble Parisi wand: "It's stupid to have the sun and think about nuclear energy"

Energy, Noble Parisi wand: “It’s stupid to have the sun and think about nuclear energy”

on production Energy “Each country must follow its own message even if it seems foolish to me that Germany is focusing on solar energy and that Italy is looking forward to nuclear“It was the prize that said that Nobel for physics Giorgio Baresi Speaking at the “Physics in Super8” event at Liceo Virgilio in Rome. Parisi noted that “the fourth generation of nuclear energy” can solve the problem of nuclear waste, “but there is only one prototype in the world.” nuclear From the last generation “So, before we understand whether it is reliable, it will take a long time.” Parisi claimed the need for more research into nuclear energy, but also aimed at energy production in Italy, “to make the most of the geothermal energy of which Italy is rich”. “The neglect of geothermal energy in Italy is a shame, we have a lot of it, unlike other countries that have few volcanoes and small volcanoes.” So she urged the Nobel Prize to “focus more on Energy savingeg by insulating the windows of buildings in the best possible way, and avoiding wastage of energy.”

The “Physics in Super8” event was an opportunity to discover the history of Italian physics by video with two special guests: the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021, Vice President of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Lincei Giorgio Parisi and President of the Infn Antonio Zoccoli who were engaged by the science journalist Silvia Bencivilli in a dialogue about the birth and developments of modern physics and the importance Cultural to promote historical heritage. Indeed, during the event, Baresi and Zucoli presented the project “Infn Mediateca. History of Physics in Video”, a project created to promote and provide access to the historical Italian audiovisual heritage around research in the field of fundamental physics. During his speeches, the President of Infn, Antonio Zucoli, noted that “thanks to science, technologies that are useful for society as well as for the protection of the environment were born.” If we think about protecting the environment, Zuccoli stressed, “Physics helps us solve problems for the future and for the future.” “To make discoveries – continued the head of Infn – we need to create new technologies that will then be applied, within a few years, in society. The web was born at CERN, and scientists needed a single language to communicate their research,” without which no web would be transforming world.” Zuccoli added: “CERN could have patented this discovery, and maybe that way we didn’t have more problems funding research, but it didn’t because it opened the web to everyone even if it kept its intellectual property.”

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More than 400 students from all over Italy followed the event live and submitted their questions and curiosities about the history of physics and at the end of the meeting they were invited to participate in a competition that will be inspired by the video heritage of the Infn Media Library. The event took place in the main hall of Liceo Virgilio in Via Giulia, a place associated with the birth of particle physics, thanks to the discovery of the muon by physicists Marcello Conversi, Ettore Panchini, and Oreste Piccioni, who took refuge in high school classrooms in 1943 under bombing to continue their studies. (by Andrea Aquino)