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Climate change also rewrites Vivaldi's Four Seasons: This is what opera looks like with global warming - video

Climate change also rewrites Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: This is what opera looks like with global warming – video

Shattered and revolutionized the perfect architecture of Four Seasons by Vivaldi, perhaps one of the world’s best-known and most-listened-to pieces of music, to highlight in music how climate has changed since 1725, the year the opera was composed, and the urgency of changing our behavior in a sustainable way. Before crossing the point of no return that will be beyond It’s getting harder to come back And save the planet we live on. The result of the operation is very strange and powerful. During the performance one feels the complete harmony that Vivaldi has become Uncertain, disharmonious, less balanced. The seasons are shortened, the movements of spring and summer become disoriented, and the mimicry of animalistic tones, like birds, disappear due to the impact of climatic changes disturbing the land. also Co2 . rise, among the main gases responsible for the ongoing climatic changes, are represented at work with the addition of tools such as wind, copper, and gourd which, originally, are unexpected. “for the seasons“It is the name of this operation, ambitious and original at the same time, commissioned by Ed Elpphilarmony from Hamburg, Which includes a group of musicians, software developers and scientists. For six months, the team has been processing scientific data on climate change from 1725 to the present Convert them to notes The complex action organized on Saturday 4 June, for the second time ever after the premiere in November 2019 in Hamburg, in the central square Santa Barbara of Mantua Conducted by the musicians of the Mantua Chamber Orchestra and violinist Roland Gratter, conducted by Lucy Legway. Concert held by Oficina Ocm with the support of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with Friday for the Future Movement Mantova chose the tenth edition of audio plotsthe festival dedicated to chamber music that ran for five days from June 1-5, after that 340 musicians Take part in more than 150 short concerts in the historical places of Gonzaga

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