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The pose, the commitment is in the maneuver, but the refreshments are coming.  Wedge salt

The pose, the commitment is in the maneuver, but the refreshments are coming. Wedge salt

Self pos The government is forced to surrender. Penalties will come back to traders. But there is a rule that co-buyers should also be allowed Reciprocal A variable rate can be renegotiated with the bank. After a tumultuous day in the Budget Committee, with repeated delays in new amendments and Pd and Action-Iv climbing the Aventine Hill, the Economy Minister in the evening Giancarlo Giorgetti He presented new government reform proposals. The ceiling for cash at ATMs is 5,000 euros, with some slip-ups such as cancellations. An error, Giorgetti readily admits, that will be corrected. The wall erected by Brussels in Bose is very high. Even a long conversation with Minister Raffaele Fito was not enough to amend the law that introduced the Italian legal system sanctions for merchants who refuse to pay by debit or credit card.

This is the amount inserted inside Pnrr, National Recovery and Resilience Program. Blowing it up would not only have jeopardized the next 19 billion check destined for Italy, but would also have run the risk of having to pay back funds already received. Even the Prime Minister Georgia Meloney It should take note of the Commission’s insistence. So to those who asked him if Pos’ duty stood, Meloni explained that it was “Pnrr’s intention”, adding: “We are negotiating that with the commission”. If there are no margins, “we will find another way for traders to avoid paying bank commissions on small payments,” the Prime Minister said.

In short, the government can now strengthen the tax credit on commissions paid by merchants, which is still at 30%. Or, alternatively, use the additional profits of the banking system to fund other forms of innovation. Another recent innovation is the increase of the income threshold from 20 to 25 thousand euros, which entitles to a 3 percent cut in the contribution wedge. The single allowance for large families of more than 4 children has been further strengthened. This will increase by 150 euros per month. Forza Italia receives an increase in the tax relief threshold for new hires from 6,000 to 8,000 euros. Resident income is expected to freeze to fund new activities. The operation will be completed in just seven months and not eight as expected in the original arrangement of the maneuver. And the “life saver” was confirmed Superbonus. Silas, an affidavit of commencement of work, may be submitted up to December 31, while maintaining full 110 percent deduction rights.

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Other activities

Giorgetti explained that the government had decided to “revive” an old law from 2012 that forced banks to renegotiate variable-rate mortgages. The law provides that this opportunity is only available to those who have purchased a property with an ISEE value not exceeding 200,000 euros and less than 30,000 euros. Yesterday afternoon the majority and the opposition accepted some amendments. For example, the package for South. The tax credit is extended for one year in favor of companies purchasing new capital goods destined for production facilities located in the following regions: Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Abruzzo, Sardinia and Sicily. The other amendment that got the green light would provide “premiums” for distributing health resources to the most virtuous regions, some that can achieve certain objectives. D

Among the amendments proposed by the government is the transfer of the revenue agency’s information systems to Sogei, a public company for information technology. They immediately protested a decision against the unions. In maneuvering government reforms, one appears to be the Secret Service updating the law on wiretapping. The directors, with the prime minister’s permission, can seek permission from the Attorney General at the Rome Court of Appeal to “intercept communications or conversations by electronic means,” including “conversations between persons present” inside the home. . Once authorized, Italian 007’s leaders can seek interceptions for “a maximum of 40 days”.

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