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Trieste is an "American" city in the Adriatic.  Birth of the US Embassy

Trieste is an “American” city in the Adriatic. Birth of the US Embassy

04/30/2022 – 01/07 – A plate from the meeting between Corso Italia and Santa Catarina da Siena, hereThe first U.S. embassy in Trieste was headquartered on November 7, 1797“Whoever posted it, it was.”US Embassy in Italy on June 1, 1990“, தி”Testimony of ancient and renewed friendship“.
The record predates the period of intense relations between Europe and the United States; After the shock of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the globalized world seemed to be moving in the direction of Western liberal democracy. The prophecy says that the “American” model, historian Francis Fukuyama, will succeed. Nevertheless, even with the cynicism of the Middle East as a result of the conflicts of the Middle East and the crisis of 2008, there is a grain of truth in the relations between Trieste and America, Trieste and America. The city-port was in fact the foremost in recognizing the rebellious nation and establishing trade relations; Rather than the ideals of the Enlightenment and the revolutionaries, it was driven by a similar bourgeois and entrepreneurial organization. The character of the eighteenth-century frontier city of Trieste, which changed following the issuance of the Porto Franco license (1719) and the Teresian Reforms, was compared to American urban nuclei in the early nineteenth century: Immigrants and those without history. And precisely the rapid and abundant growth to this fertile land. Throughout the nineteenth century Trieste was occasionally compared to American ports; The construction of the old port marks the evolution of American transport ports. Triste like Philadelphia, Trieste like buffalo. Since the twentieth century, nostalgia has surrounded the city, and history has its deepest roots: now we are sick of our past, and we are Nietzsche’s slaves to it.

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The first attempt to establish a trade relationship with North America took place 1763When the merchant Filippo Fabriani Sent her request to Empress Maria Theresa. The proposal was rejected by the courtroom, but sparked enthusiastic interest from the Supreme Commercial Office of the Austrian Littoral.
Shopkeeper from Antwerp Giovanni Ignacio von Verputan Proposed in 1781 Trieste Carlo de Ginsertorf, Governor of a Privileged Insurance, Trade and Discount Company Act, “His Excellency will understand how important it is to the states of his majesty to have free ports for trade in the United States and the Antilles. Austrian ships.”
Following the US Declaration of Independence, August 1782 Captain Logarosi leaves Trieste aboard. “American“286 tons and 12 crew; soon followed by” L’Attività “and” La Vigilanza “boats. In return Logarosi would have bought the raw sugar produced by the Antilles gardens, which was levied on Combo Marcio’s refineries in Trieste and Fium.
In 1783While the conflict with England was still raging, he was a citizen of San Domingo De Royce He came to Trieste to propose a trade relationship between the rebel British colonies and the Austrian Empire. A group of merchants from the trade council of Trieste and Rijeka’s concessionaires allowed the US ambassador to persuade them and prepared the imperial ship “La Capricciosa” for a diplomatic-business mission. The ship arrived Philadelphia The November 7, 1783 He also resold Austrian products with great success: Estonian wines, Moravian fabrics, Silesian canvases, barrel-rim irons from Styria. As profits soared, the Austrians financed the construction of a second merchant ship, the “Conte de Brigitto”; “La Capricciosa” was renamed in memory of the American city.
The grandson was also on board Beelan van Bertof, Was appointed by Emperor Joseph II as “Cicero Reggio business adviser” to enter into new economic relations with the young American nation. Why did the king not appoint him ambassador? It was a political move because “he did not want to be the first sovereign in Europe to recognize the sovereignty of that republic, which had armed itself against legitimate authority, as peace had not yet been established between Great Britain and the rebel colonies.”

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Following the Versailles Peace (1783) and the Treaty of Friendship between the United States and Austria (1785), Napoleon continued to trade between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, especially following the French destruction of the port of Amsterdam (1795). He was the first president George Washington To promote the opening of the embassy at Trieste on February 7, 1797; It is the second largest continent in Europe after the French city of Bordeaux. “The United States Congress stressed the importance of the operation of this trade square, the ubiquity of foreign debt, and the good reception received by all the flags of the Allies in this free harbor under the protection of the intelligentsia. In order to renew business relationships.
President John Adams John Lampson (December 24, 1799) was the first US ambassador to Massachusetts to succeed under a presidential government. Thomas Jefferson, Baltimore Merchant William Rickin (February 4, 1802). A painting depicting George Washington in the Atilio Hardis Library was donated by Lampson during his stay in Trieste. In the first year of the new century (1800) the first American Brick arrived: “Suke“By order of Captain Samuel Sweet of Salem. It was the beginning of a serious collaboration that would end in the “American” century: the twentieth century.

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