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will be adjudicated in the United States

will be adjudicated in the United States

Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested A week ago in the Bahamas. The founder of FTX has been seeking refuge with Bahamian authorities for the past seven days, and has not actually been extradited to the United States. Today, however, the founder of FTX seems to have made up his mind Voluntary surrender to US authorities.

Former CEO of FTX The risk of fraud is imprisonment Lasting for several years, if the case against him is unfavourable. Nevertheless, close sources Reuters Bankman-Fried will appear before a Bahamas judge today, Monday, December 19, to seek a reversal. condition His surrender.

Since the Bahamas had previously refused to hand over the FTX CEO to the US, that meant who the latter was Detention request by US authorities: Once on American soil, Bankman-Fried will be tried in a New York court for fraud and money laundering. The allegation is that he siphoned off billions of dollars in deposits from FTX users through his personal expenses, loans and investments.Hedge funds Cryptocurrency specialist Alameda Research LLC also reports to Bankman-Fried.

According to Reuters, Bankman-Fried will fly direct to New York, where he will be taken into police custody and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The trial’s first hearing will take place within 48 hours, during which judges will decide whether to allow FTX’s former CEO to be released from prison on bail. Bankmann-Fried’s escape attempt in the Bahamas In the past weeks.

If indeed a non-bailable sentence is confirmed, FTX’s founder can At least one year in jail Before starting the process. Michael Weinstein, an American legal expert, always explained to Reuters that “The missing money gives jurors strong suspicion that the defendant is a flight risk. If a judge grants bail, I think he will impose very strict and stringent conditions.”.