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“The port authority should rule out that the expansion of the port will lead to erosion.”

MASSA-CARRARA – A crowded gathering of Apuoversiliesi Paladins on December 17 via zoom. In addition to the members, there was a plethora of bathing establishments from Massa to Forte dei Marmi, then the camps of Baraccia, the citizens, the scholars, the experts, Italia Nostra, Legampenti, “to testify – says Orita Kolasicco, President of the Paladins – that the moment is truly critical and anxious It is the entire Apuoversilese region.” Umberto Nessi, Paladins consultant and Massa businessman, commented through the historical images that started since the 20th century on the development of erosion on the Apuan coast, after the construction of the Port of Carrara, and then the port expansion projects 2002, 2015, 2020, up to the expected level, suggested by contributor Tito Franzini is in different stages of filling compared to the current situation.

“Certainly not a skinny project – we were told – as we were told, considering a new pier starting from Massa town square, mirroring the existing project, and appearing to be of the same size and span as the breakwater at least 450 metres. It is hard to think that Expansion will not accelerate the erosion phenomenon, which is already destructive in some parts of the coast.” “With the danger to the economy of the entire sea – added Paolo Corcia, consultant and founder of Paladini and Vice-President of Federalberghi – not to mention the loss of all the landscape, cultural and artistic heritage of the entire territory. Stefano Gazzoli, Regional President of Confesercenti Fiba Toscana, then reported on the state of the threatened coast. in Versilia and already at risk in the Apuan region, where “in recent years there has been a 30% drop in turnout not only for necessary distances. For Covid, but precisely because there is no longer a place.”

According to Ghazzouli, the announced re-start of feeding at Poveromo, a two-year-delayed intervention, is welcome, but marginal, compared to a more specific program than ever is necessary, which must be implemented in any case before any port expansion. The work that brings with him, geologist Riccardo Caniparoli, National Advisor for Italy Nostra, also continued the existence of a high hydrogeological risk for the planned works in the Carioni estuary, after twelve floods and four flood events since 2003, most recently in 2014, a memory that does not let the residents of Marina Di Carrara sleeps. Work, the legality of which, according to the professor, will be highly questionable and not even possible from a legal point of view.

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Then Forte raised the voice of Professor Riccardo Canesi, former deputy and geography teacher, “There is no memory of what happened seven years ago when Marina found herself covered in 80 cm of water. The construction of the town square in Massa has already upset the balance, contrary to the natural development of the Carrione Instead of thinking of demolishing it even partially, we think of strengthening it. Building a new dock. Already in 1752 a French engineer was making a critical report on the hypothesis of the “Mass Port, precisely because of its critical location.” “After all, the Lizzoli Colacicco commission added in 1801 that a harbor in Carrara was unnatural, eroding 200 steps every 52 years. That is what happened.”

Following this photo, to give a vision of a truly sustainable future, the floor was taken by Professor Paolo Ricoti, Business Economist, former CEO of important national and international groups, Professor at Bicoca State University of Milan and founder of Planet Life Economy. , an association since 2003 engaged in giving substance to the principles of sustainability, promoting the creation of a new economic and social model. Since 2013, the Foundation has been a member of the National Green Economy Council, an advisory body for the Ministries of Environment and Economic Development, and since 2016 it has been a member of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development. “The issue of sustainability – as Riccuti said – is today exploited and extended in the direction of the interests of those who use it to justify their activities, often contradicting rational activities, thus creating the famous effects of green washing: it appears to be data green, but in fact it only leads to Facade and not in essence.The real concept of sustainability is based on the maximum possible removal of materials, rather than expansion, it is necessary to demolish and redesign in a sustainable way, then a minimum environmental and social impact, that is, without changes in the landscape and in the geoclimatic conditions of the regions, and in The end is an economy that pivots and enhances the strengths, traditions and characteristics of the territory.This leads to a sustainable strategic economic model in the direction of intangible forces and high value-added potential.We have classified them as products and services related to goods and needs of a cultural nature such as art, music, entertainment, entertainment, sports, quality and food Environmentally sustainable wine, historical goods, natural resources, related goods, the Internet, and, indeed, tourism If we want to direct the economy towards its truly sustainable development, it is necessary to reduce the activities associated with the matter, and to increase those associated with the intangible which, in the case of the respective territory, means directing each activity towards the protection and development of tourism activities. Physical resources of the landscape, such as beaches and intangible resources, such as Supported cultural activities. The expansion of the port is as expected an unsustainable process of greenwashing because it is going in the opposite direction, because it is a physical process, while the conversion into a tourist port proposed by Paladins, (based on the interpretation of the architectural partner Tiziano Lira, with a commercial berth) without any expansion, promises a development Tourism with all its historical components, landscape, relationship, culture, and entertainment as an additional tendency.”

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So the word to the mayors about the rigidly interrelated aspects of erosion and port expansion. Bruno Morzi of Forte dei Marmi, in recommending to all present to raise awareness of all concerned economic groups, emphasized the support for the work of the Paladins and the commitment of the municipality of Forte dei Marmi to compare the phenomenon of erosion with all that is appropriate. Places and through both political and legal forms. It must be remembered that in the previous program agreement for the expansion of the port signed by the region, the municipality of Carrara and the Eastern Ligurian Port Authority, there is an appeal to Tar, signed by the municipality and the coastal resorts of Forte dei Marmi, near some seaside resorts of Montignoso, as well as some seaside resorts and sites Camping in Marina di Massa: Partaccia.

As for the port, the Mayor of Massa Francesco Farsi, in his complaint “how an interview with the neighboring municipalities is not and is not allowed”, in connection with the rearrangement of the beach and its restoration, confirmed that he wanted it. To continue the difficult dialogue with the region and stick to the beach plan. Enrico Ghezzelli, Environmental Adviser for the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, noted that at the end of the International Forum on Coasts and the Sea in 2018, the seven mayors signed a document sent to the region, in which they requested the nutrition program. The problems to be solved are urgent. “We’ve been following and studying every aspect from a legal point of view for some time – and are ready to take advantage of specialized law firms,” ​​said attorney Anna Schiavino de Massa, Paladins’ secretary.

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“It will be necessary for us to be united and compact for this dual battle — the resumption of Colacicco — to use all the tools, and to move together all stakeholders, economic classes, environmental associations, Paladins” but also the lovers of the territory, recalls Umberto Donati, Vice President of Paladins. “As the first act of strategy – concluded Colacicco – Paladins will prepare a formal request to the port authority for evidence and documents that will prove that expansion will not lead to erosion. We invite all economic groups and environmental associations to sign it and we will ask for the support of mayors. There is already Fiba approval and the Confederation of the Seashore in Forte dei Marmi”.