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Nominations for Episode 41 – Big Brother 2023

Nominations for Episode 41 – Big Brother 2023

After an evening full of fluctuations and emotions, the nominations begin: who will get the red pyramid and who will get the black pyramid?

They were the first to express their preference Simona H Gretawho vote for each other.

The first is Simona: Greta is bored with this sexy and victim situation. There are other weapons of seduction.

Next comes Greta, the black peach, and it is clear that she names Simona, as she has an extraordinary ability to judge.

In the confessional, Federico He gave his vote to Simona because he did not appreciate the bad words that the latter addressed to his friend Greta.

You are a huge disappointment” Dice MassimilianoNomination, without surprises, for the second time. cheerful.

After hitting her with her blonde hair… Greece He clearly says that he wants to send Simona to TV, who is naughty and annoying like a hyena.

also Paolo, who did not particularly like the last arrival, gave his vote to Simona. She joined him Alessio: If a woman cuts her hair like she reads in the newspapers, I'm in trouble! All he does is say random words!“Repeat the words Beatrice says“The boy continues, accusing her of having little character.

Beatrice, remaining consistent with herself, chose Grecia, a rival who, in the end, did not give her much.

Letizia, of the sect, names Simona, with whom she has no relation. He does the same thing Rosie But for different reasons. She is kind of protective of her friend Anita. He joins the choir GiuseppeDespite the woman's defense of him. However, he is so enamored with the old guard that he does not consider making a different choice.

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Perla draws the red pyramid and goes to do her secret nomination. He stood his ground and gave his vote to Federico, the boy he couldn't decipher.

To stand by Greta, Sergio He nominates Simona as well as Anita, whom he considers not very integrated into the group.

Anita, Massimiliano, Federico, Grecia, Greta, Letizia and Simona are the televised contestants. Who will be eliminated?