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Stellantis: How is it changing for leasing and loans

Stellantis: How is it changing for leasing and loans

During the past few hours Stilants Announce important business related news. The Italian-French car group, which was born from the merger between Fiat Chrysler and PSA, specifically stated that it was considering a reorganization of its activities. Finance on the ancient continent. What is said should not surprise fans of all-wheel drive. Sooner or later, the conglomerate will inevitably restore order to the various partnerships inherited from previous administrations, regarding the activities of Leasing. Well, that moment seems to have arrived now, with all due respect to those who have been completely satisfied with the solutions offered to clients thus far.

Stellantis: Leasys and Free2Move come together in one device

First of all, Stellantis wanted to clarify the meaning of the operation. With this ruling, the auto giant aims to strengthen its financing activities from a global perspective. This is attested by the recent operation carried out in the United States on the assimilation of First Investors Group for Financial Services.

If we take into account the situation at the European borders, the company headed by Carlos Tavares announced that it had begun negotiations with BNP Paribas Personal BankAnd Santander Consumer Finance e Credit Agricole Consumer Finance. The last moves involve farewell lysis e Free2Move, which will be combined into a single multi-brand rental reality. This will be done with the aim of giving the concerned audience a full range of products as possible. Certainly, this is not a minor maneuver and it will take time to get used to the changes made.

Following the agreements with Stellantis, Crédit Agricol is expected to absorb 50 percent of FCA Bank e Leasys . rent Which is currently located within the assets of the giant automobile company. Speaking of BNP Paribas, it will deal exclusively with countries such as Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, while Santander Consumer Finance will deal with Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. So customers in the peninsula who are interested in buying a car through financing will deal with Santander.

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Explained by Carlos Tavares

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In this regard, the CEO, Carlos Tavares, described the maneuvers carried out by Stylantes as preliminary to strengthening the related leasing activities, and taking a step towards consumers Which Dealers – Agents. In short, it will be an important novelty that will increase the power of the automotive group on the continental scene. The main area of ​​​​conquest, although publicly stated by managers, the intention is also to expand into areas such as China and the United States.