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The player gets 86 million runes with an invasion and decides to start over -

The player gets 86 million runes with an invasion and decides to start over –

player from elden ringAfter the invasion and defeat of another player happened 86 million runes, the currency you need to level up and buy in-game items. Shocked by this, he decided start again With a new character.

Across redditAs you can see below for yourself, a Fixo2 user has shared a photo confirming that his character has been awarded nearly 86 million runes. To give you a standard gauge, you need less than 40,000 ton to go up (from 80 to 81). You do realize that 86 million would have allowed an Elden Ring player to become extremely powerful, bumping several stats to endgame levels and beyond.

What did the Elden Ring player do in question? He has decided to buy all the available forging pieces to upgrade his weapons and keep the remaining runes in his pocket, waiting for the NG+ to be activated in this game. In the meantime, he decided to start again new matchbecause previously it no longer made sense to go hunting for runes and he did not feel compelled to play.

This is a bit of an extreme solution, especially considering he had a character in the 80’s i.e. he was definitely not in the early stages of the game. What have you done? Would you spend everything at the merchants? Were you going to get rid of the runes so as not to fall into temptation? Or will you put a lot of levels in all the stats and win each battle easily?

Elden Ring is a hit. In fact, everyone buys it, but many do not find the tutorial, it is wrong?

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