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The new solar cell is more sustainable than lead


The world of sustainability is constantly evolving and here comes Perovskite, the solar cell that is changing the world of panels. But why is this discovery so important? What change will result from this article?

Photo by andreas160578 – Pixabay

Modern times have allowed us to make gods Amazing steps forward And also interesting in terms of Sustainability and respect for the environment. In fact, there is a plurality Shocking solutionsnever seen before, which could be a turning point, changing our lifestyle approach to the surrounding worldto remind us that we only have one planet and that we must respect it on a daily basis.

Sustainable solutions are today Just in response to the climate crisis Which have a huge impact on the state of nature and the person himself. Exactly for this reason Companies and researchers commit every day To find the best solutions, able to meet the ever-increasing demand.

latest discovery plans to Replacement of the main material of the panels. This solution can be one of the most innovative in terms of renewable and clean energy supplies. So this should allow us perform the most important activities of our daily lives but have as little impact as possible on the surrounding world.

Perovskites: The New Solution

The new solar cell is more sustainable than lead
Image by schropferoval – Pixabay

The protagonist of this revolutionary idea is perovskiteand material Naturally ferro is electricWhat does it mean able to interact with light without the need for any kind of modification. This is possible Applicable to building new solar cells It is produced together with silicone or as a sole material.

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Scientists used a Numerical format and software capability From SCAPS-1D solar cells, a simulation tool created specifically for thin-film solar cells. The idea was born and developed in the Belgiansor precisely whoGhent University. This is for simulating a solar cell using ETL. Based on C61 butyric acid phenylmethyl ester.

To create this tool, scientists have Optimal imbalance focusI am of classes and interfaces, Layered thickness, shunt and resistivity in a series of the device. The obtained results show that the device can achieve a conversion efficiency of 10.83% and a fill factor of 80.8%. As it turned out perfectly Also capable of reaching no-load voltage 0.76788 V with a short-circuit current of 17.44 879 mA / cm2.

Less toxic and less

Perovskite: The new solar cell is more sustainable than lead
Image via Public Domain Images – Pixabay

there build this cell was based onUse of this material, but without the use of lead cover layer. In fact, although it is usually necessary to protect the unit, this in case of breakage or damage may cause a Dispersion of heavy metals in the environmentresulting in incredible pollution.

the research he did NTU and the Singapore Science, Technology and Research Agency It was already at the beginning Focus on creating a cover layer Which did not necessarily use lead but rather more sustainable materials and the lowest possible impact.

Proceeding from this goal it was so A simulation of a solar cellwhose effectiveness was 10.83%, e Based on the use of perovskites, also called KAnl3 performs quite first, thus matching the final scoop. It might be interesting to determine that this substance actually exists Known for some time in the field of solar energy production Renewable, but what? Only recently has it been used In the Indian University to create a solar energy unit.

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Perovskites: photos, pictures

The new material from which photovoltaic panels are made could be a turning point for achieving sustainability. Lighter and more flexible, it also guarantees greater tightness and better recyclability.


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