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Netflix just released a new new app, it’s a huge improvement over the past

Netflix just released a new new app, it’s a huge improvement over the past

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During the past 20 years, we have witnessed many developments from a technological point of view, which have certainly turned our daily lives upside down for better or for worse.

Of all the steps taken, we can first mention the appearance Internetwhich took place at the end of the 1990s, and which then spread in an increasingly poetic way within the Italian territory, first with the 56K connection (in the early 2000s) and later with the ADSL and fiber optic connection, which improved and increased the download and upload capabilities.

Among the technological developments guaranteed by the Internet, we remember in particular the emergence of smartphones, which in a very few years managed to conquer millions and millions (if not now billions) of users spread all over the world, offering hundreds of models from year to year. Others are able to respond well to all the needs of consumers in each country.

New service coming

In addition, we also recall a major upheaval in the audiovisual entertainment sector: if in fact in the early 2000s most entertainment was offered through video rental systems such as Blockbuster, for about ten years now we have seen the total transition to systems and le online broadcasting platformsled eg NetflixAmazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Paramount Channel, etc.

Today we are going to focus in particular on Netflix, which is undoubtedly and for all intents and purposes the predecessor of all these streaming platforms, in terms of content offerings and user acceptance. In this case, the American broadcasting company had recently launched a new application that would allow a lot of news to users: let’s find out.

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One console for everything

We’re talking about an app that has dozens and dozens of mobile addresses, to play quietly on the broadcast platform. From absolute streaming, Netflix has gradually expanded towards this sector as well. Precisely on the basis of this, Netflix launched thecontrol applicationsCompatible with the operating system iOSso who Play all the titles offered by the platform quietly on your TVsimply via your smartphone and without the need for a separate external controller, unlike the classic consoles of the new generation.

We don’t know anything at the moment regarding the operating system androidHowever, we are sure that the application will soon arrive on this platform as well. We just have to wait for more updates from Netflix, which we’re sure won’t be long in the next few weeks.