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The new home and the rain of criticism on Ferragnez: “The Parker hates you”

The new home and the rain of criticism on Ferragnez: “The Parker hates you”

The Ferragnez family is preparing to move. New attic and Super penthouse City Life is ready and the couple can move in within a few weeks with the idea of ​​spending their first Christmas in their new home. In recent days Chiara Ferragni has published numerous photos of the interior of the property on her social media profiles – we are talking about three hundred square meters on two levels – and fans have not missed the opportunity to comment on the details and aesthetic taste of the interiors. But the discussion turned into controversy and disagreement Criticisms They took over.

The new home of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez

Within two months, the rapper and influencer will move into the new penthouse and penthouse, located within the Libeskind II complex, a stone’s throw from where the couple lives today. We’re talking about one Daughter-in-lawIts estimated value is about six million euros, and it consists of four bedrooms, several bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen connected by a large spiral staircase in the structure. the details The luxury apartment with photos and videos was shared on the Internet by Chiara Ferragni and highlighted the many styles chosen for the interior architecture: marble, parquet, stoneware, colored walls and wallpaper. Potpourri surprised Veragnise’s followers and sparked criticism.

Controversy over parquet

One photo in particular caught the attention of netizens, a photo of the living room, and the details regarding the parquet opened the discussion. “Chiara the gardener hates you“, one user commented, highlighting the oddity of his pose Flooring Wooden – overlapping – starting the argument: “If you assemble parquet like this, I will disassemble it for you one board at a time and it will cost you less.”. In a short time, the debate raged under this post: “The parquet is laid very poorly without any uniformity (you can see the darkest spots)” suspected They already asked him. I imagine it is porcelain stoneware, and no parquet maker would install it that way“But the criticism affected everyone, whether the architect Ferragnes or the famous couple.”And those steel columns in the middle of the room? “I think the architect really hates that.” one user wrote, and another added: “Unfortunately, there is a lack of good taste, with all that money that could have made a masterpiece, and instead…Nothing new considering the controversies that often involve Fedez and Chiara Ferragni.