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Duel with Francesca Fagnani about plastic surgery

Duel with Francesca Fagnani about plastic surgery

A duel over plastic surgery between Alba Parietti and Francesca Fagnani at Belve 2023, in the final episode of the live broadcast on Raidue tomorrow. “I like to be loved, I like for my ass to be loved by many Italians, but what harm do I do? And what more without doing anything,” says Parretti, “challenged” by the presenter.

“I did the breasts, first one and then the other, I’ve said that a thousand times. Mouth? Yes, well….” Two years ago, she said that she had not yet decided to have a facelift: “Have you noticed anything? Have you seen any changes? I don’t want to give certainty, they say you should never admit to anything…”, adds the guest. Who claims there was a constant “peak” in his career: “I’m not saying that, the fact that I’m still working after forty years says so.”

On Instagram, there are those who accuse her of exaggerating the use of filters: “But they have to filter themselves as well,” she says, showing a certain tendency to argue with her less polite followers: “The finger appears to me and it happens… I find myself like this old Barbie, why should I give up? …Why do I use filters? I don’t like getting old.”

Parretti, prompted by Fagnani’s questions, also returns to the cult film “The Butcher” and says: “They give him more than The Passion of the Christ!”. When the announcer reminds her that the box office result was disappointing, Paretti replies: “But why, the audience was expecting something almost pornographic, but instead it is a thriller but an art film.” “But there are seventeen minutes of intercourse,” Vagnani recalls. And Baretti: “There was a buckskin, and you couldn’t see the potatoes.”

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