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The new Fiat Pulse 2023, the SUV that breaks records abroad, is really ready for Italy (here are the reasons and clues)

The new Fiat Pulse 2023, the SUV that breaks records abroad, is really ready for Italy (here are the reasons and clues)

Fiat is one of the most prestigious and successful car brands in Brazil and South America. Its importance justifies a range of vehicles destined for these foreign markets with very respectable sales results. It is among the distinguished models offered by Fiat to Latin America Fiat PulseA compact SUV designed and manufactured in South America. Let’s delve deeper into this article:

  • This is how the new Fiat Pulse 2023 is being relaunched
  • Fiat Pulse 2023, many reasons to love it

This is how the new Fiat Pulse 2023 is being relaunched

The Fiat Pulse, with a length of 410 cm, a width of 178 cm, a height of 158 cm, and a wheelbase of 253 cm, falls into the category B- Four-wheel drive carsIt is characterized by its compact dimensions. This car is distinguished by its distinctive and sporty aesthetic design, with a large front grille that features the Fiat logo in the middle. Some elements emphasize the off-road aspect of the car, such as unpainted plastic components integrated into the bodywork and a very high ground clearance of more than 22 cm.

Pulse can accommodate Up to five passengersWith their luggage, thanks to the rear compartment with a capacity of 370 litres. The car’s interior features a clean and modern design, with a large 10.1-inch central screen dedicated to the infotainment system, which includes compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The digital instrumentation consists of a 7-inch screen.

there A set of engines It offers several options, including a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, available in gasoline (125 hp) or ethanol (130 hp) versions. Alternatively, you can choose the Firefly 1.3 engine with power ranging from 101 to 109 hp depending on the type of fuel used (petrol or ethanol). A sports version of the Abarth is available with a power of 185 horsepower.

Fiat Pulse 2023, many reasons to love it

Fiat Pulse is preparing to Technical update In line with the Stellantis Group’s electrification goals. The SUV will adopt a mild hybrid system equipped with a 48-volt electric generator. This electrification system will allow the vehicle to improve fuel consumption and, above all, reduce polluting emissions.

The Fiat Pulse Hybrid will benefit from 1.0 liter three-cylinder engine Supercharged with gasoline, capable of generating 125 horsepower. Thanks to the 48-volt mild hybrid system, torque is expected to increase from 200 Nm to 249 Nm. This improvement will not only help improve fuel consumption and emissions, but will also lead to increased performance in terms of acceleration and handling. . The gearbox available for the Fiat Pulse is manual and automatic, with an automatic CVT variant.

As previously expected, the SUV will undergo a redesign The new Fiat Pulse Hybrid version, scheduled for next year. This update will also make the Fiat Pulse suitable for European markets, including Italy, where anti-pollution regulations are more stringent. Final decision to launch Fiat Pulse in Italy This has not yet been confirmed, but the latest rumors indicate that the success of sales of the model may push the management of the Stellantis Group in this direction.

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