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iPhone has a secret camera with amazing zoom capability, here’s how to enable it

iPhone has a secret camera with amazing zoom capability, here’s how to enable it

Did you know that your iPhone has a hidden camera with a very powerful zoom? Here’s how to enable it.

Secret camera for iPhone –

The hidden functions of iPhone are many, and all you have to do is tinker with your phone to always find new ones. You knew, for example, that you had An ultra-powerful zoom camera is already installed on the phone?

How to enable it

To enable this hidden camera All it takes is a few simple steps, and… The result will be a dramatic magnificationwhich will allow you to look at the images on your screen in more detail.

The first thing to do to enable the hidden camera is to tap on the scroll wheel Settings. Once you open the section, you will have to do this Scroll until you find the “Accessibility” item. And click on it.

From here it will open up a whole series of menus to choose from, and you’ll have to Select “Guided Access” Click on the enable point (which should turn from gray to green) to activate this function. Once you have completed this step, go back and Search for “shortcuts”. You will also find many items here, and you will have to Search and select “magnifying glass”.

Magnifying glass function
Magnifying glass function – Adriatico24ore

At this point, you can go back to your home screen and that will be enough Click on the turn off phone button 3 times in a row To notice the menu that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here you have to Select the “Magnifying Glass” item. And That’s it: a camera with very powerful zoom will open!

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Did you already know this trick? Think of how many things you can do with your iPhone’s built-in super zoom!


Huge zoom
Massive zoom – Adriatico24ore

There are a lot of features and things you can do with the magnifying glass on your iPhone, for example you can do this Move the viewfinder on the screen Enjoy zooming, enlarging or reducing images by simply pressing the + and – buttons on the side of your iPhone.

Another feature you can use is Reveal, copy and share text. To switch to this mode you need to click on the “Reveal Text” button. Very simple isn’t it?!

Again, you can Swipe the screen to move the image, adjust the brightness of the magnifying glass, and more. Once you’re done using the Magnifying Glass function, that’s all you need Tap the screen twice to turn it off.

This is an exciting secret function that allows you to get more out of your iPhone’s camera and improve it. In addition to being able to take more enlarged photos, you’ll be able to use your camera for text recognition, better vision and much more. Now all you have to do is activate the magnifying glass and start exploring all its possibilities!