Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Men and women, a broken couple getting back together? indiscretion


If the news is confirmed, it will be really incredible. In fact, it appears that a controversial pair of men and womenwho broke up (for the umpteenth time) recently, they both got back together!

Has the most insightful already discovered who we’re talking about? But yes, they are! Sarah El-Shimi And Sony Demo!

Since the choice, the two have lived their love like they’re on a roller coaster, literally taking the famous saying “l“Love is not beautiful if it is not fighting”.

Near the christmas holidays tronista’s ex dating show Maria Devilipi Declare separation again. The former suitor later I went out into the open with Aurora Columbo, It’s a very familiar face to the audience men and women.

However, according to Foolishness, I secretly arrived Deianira MarzanoAnd it will be And Sony They will return together:

welcome goddessfrom very reliable sources I know that it will be And Sony They got back together. There are other novelties, however, that I don’t feel like saying out of respect for.

But the same influencer in spreading the news put his hands forward:

At this point, I hope this is fake news, otherwise the heads don’t really go along with it.

Just a few days ago there Columbusthe former suitor Luca Salatinoformalize the relationship with Sony. The news was immediately followed by an angry comment from Sarah.

At the moment, there is no certainty about the user rumor, but people on the web have already gone crazy out of curiosity! What will be the news reported by a follower deianira?


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