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Israel, this crisis “plays a role in Putin’s game”: General Tricarico’s analysis

Israel, this crisis “plays a role in Putin’s game”: General Tricarico’s analysis

An attack that surprised Israel, and an escalation aimed at affecting the balance in the region and beyond. General Leonardo Tricarico, President of the Icsa Foundation, analyzes the new crisis in the Middle East: “Hamas was able to conceive a very effective military operation, certainly with a long and important preparatory phase, that surprised the Israeli Armed Forces. A leap of military quality that amazed everyone”; The former Air Force chief of staff told LaPresse. As for any assistance that Hamas may have obtained from abroad, “there was certainly a logistical preparation that it is legitimate to have doubts about. Ultimately there has always been a relationship between Hamas and Iran with an anti-Saudi function,” Tricarico adds. “But I do not rule out that they might have done so.” All on their own.”

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What went wrong with the defense systems? “The 38-week long protest in Israel against the judicial reform wanted by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has weakened national morale, determination and cohesion. There has been a reduction in tension,” Tricarico analyzes. He added: “Now they are doing a very strong military preparation in the south and the north, and then the government will decide what the next steps are, which I hope will also include Lapid and Gantz who are currently in the opposition – and – he adds – we need to smooth out the rough edges.” As for the potential risk of a widening conflict, “it exists and it is very worrying.”
Tricarico: We will need to manage this crisis well while looking very carefully at its expansion, starting with Lebanon.

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The general also stressed that the crisis in the Middle East “is in Putin’s interest because it turns the world’s attention to this aspect and weakens interest” towards Ukraine, where “the West has poured a huge part of its arsenals.”