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Natasa Burke Musar is the first female president of Slovenia

Natasa Burke Musar is the first female president of Slovenia

Natasha Burke-Mussar is the first woman elected president of Slovenia, winning the ballot with 54% of the vote against conservative Anzi Lujar, the former foreign minister.

Natasha Burke Mussar

Natasa Berk-Musar is the first female president of Slovenia. He won the ballot over Governor Anze Lugar, the former foreign minister, with 54% of the vote. “My first task will be to open a dialogue between all Slovenes – his first comment – the same Slovenes who have shown in this democratic election what kind of country they want.”

Former First Lady Melania Trump’s lawyer, Berk Mussar, 54, is actually the first woman to hold the office of president since Slovenia gained independence after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991.

“My first job would be to invite all the leaders of the political parties to the presidential palace,” said the new president who replaces Purut Pahor, 58, from two five-year terms and thus no longer eligible for re-election. Pahor has been criticized for his negative attitude towards Janez Jansa, a conservative populist who believes he is too close to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Massar stressed his desire not to be satisfied with the functions of the protocol: “The president cannot be impartial, he must have an opinion and be a moral authority. And I was never afraid to make my voice heard,” his words to AFP between the first and second rounds.

Congratulations to Natsa Berk Musar on her election as President of the Republic of Slovenia. As the first woman elected president of Slovenia, she paved the way for future generations. I look forward to working with her. We share the goal of a stronger, more democratic and resilient union,” this comment was made in a tweet by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

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