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The match was suspended for 12 minutes

The match was suspended for 12 minutes

About ten minutes into the match, unrest broke out between the two factions behind Merritt’s goal. Gravina: “Not worth it”

Unbelievable in “peak” spices. In a match without any importance to ranking, the match between the hosts of the Ligurians and Naples, the unexpected happened. About ten minutes into the match, Azzurri’s side were already ahead thanks to a Politano goal, and clashes erupted between the fans, complete with the pitch being stormed, behind the goal defended by Meret. Thus, the referee was forced to suspend the match for 12 minutes before calm returned.

According to the reconstruction of the episode, some Napoli fans left the guest sector, threw Phemogenis towards the opposite curve and entered the stadium after tensions had already surfaced before the match started (there is talk of an assault by some La Spezia ultras on a convoy of Napoli fans not accompanied by the police). The same players Spalletti and Thiago Motta tried to make them rational without success. The police at this point imposed a cordon and sent the Ultras of Naples to the guest sector after nearly a quarter of an hour of negotiations.

Gravina: “An incorrect answer, now a strong answer”
“What happened today in La Spezia is absolutely not worth it, there can be no shift of words.” Gabriel GravinaThe President of the Football Association strongly expressed his displeasure and disappointment with what happened at the Pico Stadium. “Football – adds Gravina to Ansa – cannot be held hostage to uncivilized and violent people: the response of the institutions must be strong and coordinated, and I hope that all responsibilities will be checked as soon as possible.”

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