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Fifth place for Camila Morrone in the Boulder - OA Sport qualifiers

Fifth place for Camila Morrone in the Boulder – OA Sport qualifiers

The Sports Climbing World Cup continues unabated. in that Salt Lake City The Boulder men’s and women’s qualifications are done today, a competition that kicks off tomorrow.

Italy was the protagonist with Camilla Moroni (4T5Z 7 99). Blue scored the absolute fourth degree, to put himself behind the Japanese Miho Nonaka (4T5Z 6 6). First place for the host Natalia Grossman (5T5Z 11 9, second for Austrian camper Franziska Sterrer (5T5Z 19 16) and Oriane Bertone through the Alps.

Americans Chloe Koskoye (4T5Z 7 6) and Kylie Cullen (4T5Z 8 7) Chasing our compatriot, the only one in the other part of the group. 17th place is actually Laura Rogora (3T5Z 3 13)nineteen for Giorgia Tesio (3T5Z 10 13).

Sports climbing, World Cup: Katepin won the pace in the US, Ludovico Fosali is close to the podium. Seventh Collie

German Yannick Flöh was the best of the Italian evening during the men’s role. The Teutonic athlete select the score 5T5Z 9 7, The performance that allowed him to beat Japan’s Tomoa Narasaki and Austria’s Nikolai Oznikrespectively a 5T5Z 8 7 and 5T5Z 9 6.

America’s fourth place Sean Bailey (5T5Z 10 6) ahead of the Iberian Alberto Guinness Lewis (5T5Z 10 10) and Britain’s Maximilian Milne (5T5Z 9 9). Kokoro Fuji (4T5Z 6 5) The representative of the United Kingdom is chasing, while the absence of the Italians at the top of the standings should be highlighted. We actually have to go down to square thirty-five to find Michael Pickolrose.

Boulder Women’s Eligibility Ranking

Boulder Men’s Eligibility Ranking

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