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The luxuries and riches of the “Dome” that leads Hamas “from abroad to elegant hotels and luxurious skyscrapers” –

The luxuries and riches of the “Dome” that leads Hamas “from abroad to elegant hotels and luxurious skyscrapers” –

noIn 2019, Hamas suffered one of the most serious splits in its more than twenty-year history: Suhaib YoussefAn actor based in Türkiye escaped and contacted the Israeli television network Channel 12 To tell his story. Youssef was not just any extremist. He is the son of one of the seven founders of the movement. Sheikh Hassan YoussefUpon his arrival to an unknown location in Asia, he gave a devastating interview. He talked about the corruption and corruption of Hamas leaders abroad Enrichment channels. He said that one of the tasks of Hamas agents in Turkey is to intercept Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and various Arab countries, but not for political purposes. “They were working for foreign interests,” Youssef, 38, revealed. They sell information to Iran In exchange for financial support.

A forgotten fact

It was a glimpse – and not the first – of a dimension of the Islamic movement that seems forgotten at this moment. Corruption in Hamas’s leadership has become endemicThe same Arab media accuses the main leaders of turning into millionaires or billionaires thanks to their control of Gaza.

Certainly sons Ismail HaniyehThe Hamas political leader, who has been living in Doha since 2020, was able to move out of Gaza easily in the past two years and now lives the life of a wealthy businessman. This is the case of Hazem Haniyeh, the son of the movement’s political leader, whose authorized exit from Gaza in July 2022 sparked protests on social media among ordinary people stranded in the Strip. An activist named Mahmoud Nashwan posted a personal photo wearing a black glove, smiling sarcastically. In reference to Haniyeh’s famous speech in 2009, when the future Hamas leader said: “Our hands are clean. We do not steal, we do not own real estate, we do not build villas…”.

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Real estate empires

A few months later, the Saudi site It was reported that Moaz Haniyeh, another son of his boss, has obtained a Turkish passport and will manage the family’s huge real estate assets from Istanbul. Moreover, Hamas’s relationship with Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains close, as can be seen from the picture In defense of the movement by the Turkish President in the last days.

It is difficult to estimate the fortunes of the men who were elected in 2006, but have since forcefully ruled the Palestinians in Gaza. the magazinea prestigious Arab magazine, estimates that Hamas is the second-in-command Musa Abu Marzouk The former political leader’s fortune amounts to two or three billion dollars Khaled Mishal He will control four billion, as will Haniyeh himself.

It is impossible to verify these accusations, but there is no shortage of evidence of systemic corruption in Gaza. Not only because these men control the flow of aid from countries like Qatar and Iran and Muslim communities around the world.


One source of enrichment would be a A fee for each smuggled product Through i tunnel Dedicated to the besieged population in Gaza.

«Hamas leaders live abroad in elegant hotels and luxury skyscrapers – denounced Suhaib Yousef, the radical and repentant son of the founder of Hamas. I appeal to leaders, including my father, why Resign from this corrupt movement. I’m sure he also knows how things are.” Even Benjamin Netanyahu has known this for years. But nothing would be better for him than for millions of Palestinians to be ruled by a handful of criminals, who are willing to steal their people and present them as a human shield behind which hide rocket launchers. Only in this way can he The Prime Minister of Israel must continue to ignore the pain of the Palestinians besieged by Hamas.

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