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The leak revealed that it is a Nintendo Switch Pro SoC -

The leak revealed that it is a Nintendo Switch Pro SoC –

As pointed out via Reddit, an Nvidia employee confirmed the existence of a file Tegra239 شريحة chip. This is an interesting detail because the latter was at the center of a leak by kopite7kimi, which mentioned that the new Nintendo console, known as Nintendo Switch Prothat would install the Tegra239 SoC.

The Nvidia employee’s comment also notes that the chip offers an eight-core CPU. The GPU is expected to boast 2,048 CUDA cores. According to rumors, it should support Nintendo Switch as well DLSS 2.2 and ray tracing.

Of course, the fact that the Nvidia chip has been confirmed does not automatically mean that a file Rumor about Switch Pro Right. The leaker may have guessed only part of the leak. Moreover, the information may be out of date and the new Nintendo console may come with different hardware. At worst, Nintendo may have canceled development of the Switch Pro as far as we know.

Having said that, the leaker is now more credible, as what he reported turns out to be true. The Switch Pro is a constant topic in the gaming world and has been discussed for a long time, perhaps too much.

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