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Quota pension 41 and exit from work at 62 (farewell ladder).  So

Quota pension 41 and exit from work at 62 (farewell ladder). So

Pensions, FEE 100-FEE 41? Barra, “Neutralizing the Stairs from 2022”

Quote 100 pension On the verge of closing (December 31, 2021), 41 per person on the podium but still no deal between government, unions (unknown and variables that did not lead to white smoke) and the nightmare integrated (5 years, which leads from 62 years of early retirement to 67 years of old-age pension). Luigi Spa (Cecil) asks to neutralize the looming staircase in 2022 and re-launch out of business a 62 years. That’s what he said.

Pensions and Retirement Fees 41 and 62. CISL Prescription

It’s time “to move forward with tax reform in a sign of progress, which will reduce income from work and pensions, demand a fair contribution to the large multinational corporations that have done so much these days and are accompanied by a fight without deductions . against evasion and avoidance.” This was stated by CISL leader Luigi Sbarra from a stage in Florence at a unitary demonstration by Cgil Cisl Uil. For Sbarra, it also means “opening a stair-avoiding table for five years from January 1, 2022 and rebuilding a truly sustainable, stable and inclusive social security system. We must ‘neutralize the staircase risk’.” Our suggestion is clear – he added – to introduce flexibility elements upon departure from the age of 62. 41 years of contributions are sufficient and sufficient to enjoy the sacred right to a pension.”

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