Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The first boot of Windows 11 just got a lot more annoying


Microsoft is experimenting with different ways to introduce new users to Windows 11 featuresOnce you’ve completed the initial setup, also known as an Out-of-box Experience (OOBE).

The new OOBE is currently being tested, Through a limited number of insiders present in Canary Channel, it aims to introduce users to the operating system in a more effective and complete manner.

When setting up Windows 11, Users may soon encounter a “We personalize your experience” page. over OOBE. Here they can select the activities for which they will mainly use the device.

based on their choices, in fact, OOBE will affect what they see once they get to the desktop screen for the first time. If you choose to use your own computer for development, users will be introduced to Dev Home, a platform designed to assist developers with various tasks and tools.

Alternatively, for users interested in exploring the operating system more broadly, The Start application will start automaticallyto guide the new user through all the new features of Windows 11, while also offering Dev Home, in this case, to those who have chosen to use their PC primarily for development.

Also, for users who selected the ‘reset’ option during OOBE, However, the Get Started app will launch after the second login.

This app will provide a custom path showing the different pre-installed apps, those that can be added from the Microsoft Store, and the main settings of the operating system. In addition to, In the event of a restoration, the user will be informed of how to access the restored applications via the start menu or the taskbar.

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The idea behind these new features is to offer a more personalized learning experience. for users. The problem is that not being able to skip these steps can make running Windows more difficult, especially for those users who often find themselves having to restore their operating system.

at the moment The new OOBE is still in the testing phasewith a limited number of users intending to provide feedback to Microsoft, so, at least for the time being, it is not yet known if and when this new OOBE will be implemented in Windows 11.


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