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Car sensors, so we will control the car with gestures |  Welcome to the future

Car sensors, so we will control the car with gestures | Welcome to the future

The future of cars is upon us! – (

An increasingly technological future awaits us on board our cars and sensors are the protagonists of this impending driving revolution.

Self-driving cars are now a realityInnovation is at the door which is increasingly developing towards future scenarios Unpredictable and highly practical, which promises increasingly safe and focused driving. Tesla is already conducting this experiment on its ultra-luxury car models, but in a few years, this revolution will enter everyone. New generation vehicles.

Champions of change They will be just Sensorsa technology that is actually not very recent and probably hasn’t been used much in recent years, but if used well it can revolutionize driving styles and also our approach to the car in general.

Motion detection cameras, parking sensors, and assistive driving are the technologies we hear about the most today and use the most, but the science does not stop there, it continues and advances towards increasingly intelligent driving systems Our cars.

So here we start talking about one Absolute novelty in the field of cars, a real revolution that heralds the future of assisted driving. In the near future, it will also be possible to communicate with the vehicle using gestures. Let’s see what it is.

More sensors, more technology

Current cars already contain many sensors, each of which has the potential to assist the driver with maneuvers and functions Make driving easier and safer than it was before. Obviously, each sensor has its own role and function, so the more sensors a car has, the smarter and more autonomous it becomes. Sensors are diversified into different categories: there are cameraswhich collects images and sends them to an algorithm to analyze movements; In this case, for example, it is useful for detecting obstacles in the road.

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Rather, there radarIt can also identify obstacles and vehicles on the road and send signals to the car and driver about any hazards. However, these sensors are not very suitable for our cars, because weather conditions can damage them. Finally there lidar. Let’s find out how this technology works, which will soon be within everyone’s reach.

Laser sensors as a future perspective for assisted driving – (

The magic of LiDAR sensors

This type of sensor has the precise task of detecting through it fast light laser signals, Different types of movement. That is why we are talking about a The future in which we will drive with gesturesThese sensors have the ability to detect movements, whether inside or outside the vehicle, and analyze them according to accurate algorithms.

Thus it will be possible to control the temperature of the car, adjust the volume of the radio, and transfer smartphone applications directly to the car screen; All this in one gesture. The magic doesn’t end thereTo make driving even more helpful, the motion sensors also have the ability to control the driver’s gestures and thus detect if there is a risk of distraction while driving or if the driver is tired and about to fall asleep. Here are the sensors They will take us straight into the future.