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The city flips Paris Saint-Germain.  Sporting and Real in the second round Porto Ko

The city flips Paris Saint-Germain. Sporting and Real in the second round Porto Ko

Inter fly to the second round and Milan is still hoping. The fifth day of the Champions League groups gives two smiles to the Italians: Real Madrid gets rid of Sharif It qualifies as an inzaghi while Porto knockout against Liverpool Pioli keeps victorious over Atletico Madrid. In the amazing group A The challenge between City and PSG goes to Guardiola Who overturned Mbappe’s goal and qualifies for first place. in the same group Leipzig makes five in Bruges, while in group C minor Sporting Lisbon beat Dortmund And pass to the second round to judge the Gialonieri in the European League. Ajax beat Besiktas Pjanic, from everything.

UEFA Champions League matches and results

Group A: Al-Madina in the second round of the first, Paris Saint-Germain II

Paris Saint-Germain releases its brightest stars in attack, Mbappe, Messi and Neymar, but it is City that makes the match even if it does not reach the goal it deserves in the first half (especially Balu in Gundogan). The citizens play and pass Paris because they find the advantage in the 50th minute: Messi builds and Mbappe completes. At 63 minutes, the score was 1-1: beautiful movement, Walker’s cross, Gabriel Jesus passes and comes out from behind. Sterling pushes towards target. The mission of his heart is entrusted to her Gabriel Jesus, who in the 76th minute converted Bernardo Silva’s brilliant pass into a pass And send Guardiola to the second round from the start. RB Leipzig is unstoppable against Brugge, the first 45 minutes is a victory: Nkunku already addresses at 12′, Forsberg penalty at 17′ and Former Milan seal Andre Silva At 26′ they serve the three of a kind, which becomes a four of a kind with a stanchion from Forsberg (46′). The final 5-0 is still Nkunko (93). The third place in the European League was decided on the last day (RB Leipzig-City and PSG-Brugge).

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classification: Manchester 12, psg 8, Leipzig 4, Bruges 4

City-Psg . Scoreboard

Group B: Porto Ko and Milan are still hoping

Chances for both sides at Liverpool – Porto in the first half, but unfortunately no goals for both Klopp and Conceicao. Even Mane’s attempt, which goes to the network, is canceled by VAR’s intervention: intrusion. at 52′ Thiago Alcantara takes the stage at Anfield, a beautiful long distance catch slips into the corner for 1-0, which becomes 2-0 at normal Salah scores a beautiful goal Starting with the right, dribbling and scoring with the left hand.

classification: Liverpool 15, Porto 5, Milan 4, Atl├ętico Madrid 4

Score goals for Liverpool – Porto

Group C: Sporting in the Round of 16, Dortmund in the European League

Sporting Lisbon knows that they must win at any cost by two goals to fly to the second round, then the offensive pressure in half an hour and in the 39th minute takes the form of Goncalves prop Who freezes Borussia Dortmund. starts with Emre Kan Inside but who stays on the field until 75 minutes, when he turns red due to a reaction error. The numerical shortage bows to Dortmund, who suffers in the 81st minute of the game 3-0 Peter in addition to, good at repeating the penalty saved by Kopel in Goncalves. Malin lights up the final with a 3-1 goal, which does no good to avoid a knockout and qualify Sporting. Ajax, already in the second round, fell after 22 minutes at the Besiktas stadium, and collected the penalty kick from Ghazal, but in the second half they recovered thanks to Haller strut (54′, 69′) and judging byElimination of Pjanic and his companions.

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classification: Ajax 15th, Sporting Lisboa 9, Borussia Dortmund 6, Besiktas 0

Sporting Lisbon – Borussia Dortmund board

Group D: Real Madrid and Inter in the round of 16

It takes Real Madrid 30 minutes to open the match against Sharif, think about it Alaba takes a free kick (skewed). In the first fracture recovery up double cross Whoever is kicked on the crossbar, but the ball crosses the goal line. Blancos, who closed the match permanently at the start of the second half when Benzema in the 56th minute makes the score 3-0 With precise right from the edge. This is the result that Ancelotti and Inzaghi need to reach the Round of 16.

classification: real Madrid 12, Inter 10, Sharif 6, Shakhtar Donetsk 1

Real Madrid Sheriff Scoreboard