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There's a Ravenna cheerleader very popular in the US: 'We're the Oregon Champions'

There’s a Ravenna cheerleader very popular in the US: ‘We’re the Oregon Champions’

At the age of seventeen he had the courage to leave for a year of studying abroad, the talent and determination to excel and fulfill his dream.

Greta Guerra born in Ravenna and demanded From Liceo Artistico Musicale CaNova de Forli, last September I left Romania with the organization You are abroad to the USA to attend the fourth year of high school abroad. This experience allowed her not only to ideally learn a foreign language and learn about a different culture but also to discover and develop a talent unexplored even today.

Greta Guerra

Greta joined the cheerleading team at her high school in McMinnville And after months of sweating and training, his team today finished first in the Oregon Cheerleading Championships and is preparing to leave for the national championships. An American icon par excellence, Cheerleading in the States is a real institution, Its Hollywood version and celebrated since the days of the movie Grease, but it is also and above all a challenging sport that requires discipline, training and unwavering willpower.

the story

Greta says: “I started training only three days after arriving in America, feeling excited and excited at the same time. Although I had already practiced dancing in the past, I didn’t know this sport because it doesn’t exist in Italy but I loved it on During the football season we would train every day after class, and it was stressful every now and then, because we had to stay in school until late in the evening, and because to do a good job, you have to work hard and repeat the chanting until you fall, the dances and the routine. When we started the competitions in January I was just a substitute but later the coaches offered me to replace a girl who left, and change my role. So I had to learn the routine again, but I was pleased with this opportunity and gave it my all. The racing season was tiring but it went well And it gave a very satisfying feeling. Last week I had the penultimate match which is the state. I didn’t realize it until noon the same day when we were waiting for our shift. It almost felt like a dream, a movie. It had been a very long day and we were the last to offer, but despite From the accumulated tension, we introduced a For a 100% harmonious dance platform, as if we were part of one body dancing.”

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Awards ceremony

“The awards ceremony – continues Greta – is a moment I will never forget in life: my companions and I were holding hands with our eyes closed, and when they announced our winning team, we suddenly jumped up screaming for joy and embracing. Our work, our perseverance and our sacrifices all paid off. Now we are already preparing again: We’re leaving for the national teams, the excitement won’t diminish but whatever it is, I’m really happy with this track.It was a very intense and important six months: I met amazing people, found friends, friends and mentors, discovered a sport I loved and talent I didn’t know I had, and had the opportunity to live One of the dreams they have is in the drawer. A lot of teenagers are like me. I lived it to the fullest and today I can say we are the champions of Oregon!”