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The black hole in our galaxy rotates rapidly and changes spacetime

The black hole in our galaxy rotates rapidly and changes spacetime

the Giant black hole At the center of our galaxy, Sagittarius A*, spins rapidly and changes space-time around it: a new study has discovered. Space-time is a four-dimensional continuum that describes how we see space, fusing one-dimensional time and three-dimensional space together to represent the fabric of space that bends in response to massive celestial bodies.

A team of physicists observed the black hole, which is located 26,000 light-years from Earth, using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, a telescope designed to detect X-ray emissions from hot regions in the universe. They calculated the rotation speed of Sagittarius A* using the so-called outward flux method, which examines radio waves and X-ray emissions that can be found in the material and gas surrounding black holes, known as an accretion disk. According to the study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The researchers confirmed that the black hole rotates around itself, causing what is called… Lens thering effect. Also known as a drag effect, this is what happens when a black hole pulls on spacetime as it spins, explained the study’s lead author Ruth Daly, a physics professor at Pennsylvania State University who pioneered this method more than a decade ago. Since inventing the outflow method, Daly has focused on the spin of different black holes and authored a 2019 study that surveyed more than 750 supermassive black holes.

With this rotation, Sagittarius A* will radically change the shape of the spacetime in its surroundings,Daly said.We are accustomed to thinking and living in a world in which all spatial dimensions are equal: the distance from the ceiling, the distance from the wall, the distance from the floor, are all linear, and it is not as if one is completely broken down compared to others. But if we have a rapidly rotating black hole, the spacetime around it is not symmetrical: the rotating black hole pulls all the spacetime with it, crushes it, and somehow it looks like a football,He explained.

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Daly pointed out that the change in space-time is nothing to worry about, but knowing more about this phenomenon could be very important for astronomers. “It is a great tool for understanding the role that black holes play in the formation and evolution of galaxies.“I have announced.”The fact that they are dynamic entities that can rotate, and thus influence the galaxy in which they exist, is very exciting and interesting“.

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