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If you suffer from low self-esteem, never underestimate these warning signs

If you suffer from low self-esteem, never underestimate these warning signs

There are some warning signs that indicate, more than others, low self-esteem. Let’s learn about them so we can start taking action right away.

Low self-esteem is a problem that, when present, affects the person as a whole. The regard one has for oneself is actually reflected in different areas, from the individual to the work environment. This can often lead to serious consequences.

Signs that you have low self-esteem (

Perceiving oneself incorrectly and in many cases leads to underestimation Do not demand your rights To say yes even when you don’t want to, and to follow the path you deserve. You probably already know if your self-esteem is fairly high, but that doesn’t mean you have a clear idea of ​​its levels. That is why today we will point out the so-called alarm bells. That is, those clues that, if they appear, should prompt you to act quickly to change things.

Low self-esteem, signs to watch out for

If you think you have low self-confidence or simply have doubts about it, you will be happy to know that there are criteria you can rely on to give you an answer. These are signs that may go unnoticed individually, but together they can paint an important picture of low self-esteem.

These alarm bells indicate low self-esteem (
  • – Fear of comparison with others. If measuring yourself against other people creates basic discomfort Because every time you come out of this devaluing your life and your person, you can have serious self-esteem issues.
  • Difficulty expressing what you feel. Another sign is not knowing how to express your thoughts or any needs to those around you. This is because you feel embarrassed by the idea of ​​doing so.
  • Inability to make decisions. Not knowing how to make decisions For fear of making mistakes, even if they are to the extreme, this is a sign of a lack of awareness of your abilities.
  • Negative view of yourself. Always seeing yourself in a negative or devaluing light is a sign that you do not respect yourself and tend to overestimate everyone else.
  • Embarrassed by the positive comments. Not knowing how to accept compliments also indicates a lack of self-esteem Which often leads to shyness.
  • Tendency to self-sabotage. Those who have self-esteem issues tend to sabotage themselves so that they never come to a real confrontation with themselves. If this happens to you more than once, you need to start thinking about it.
  • fear of failure. Making mistakes is part of life, and this is how you learn and move forward. If the mere thought of making a mistake scares you, it’s probably because you don’t have the mental structure to handle it This is due to a lack of respect towards you.
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These warning signs should help you understand your self-esteem level and whether or not you need to work on it. Which you can do with good personal introspection, Repeat the correct phrases for you Perhaps you may seek help from a psychiatrist who is able to understand its origins and put you on the right path to a more conscious and therefore better life.