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The best mobile operator, Altroconsumo Ranking: Unexpected!

What is the best mobile operator in Italy according to AltroConsumo.

Effective and efficient internet connection is now indispensable to citizens in daily life. But what is the best operator on Italian soil?

Telephone operators

The ranking of the best Italian mobile operators is clear, which one is the best

Altroconsumo answers the question by controlling the CheBanda app by Italian mobile operators. The arrangement placed by Altroconsumo, has explained the results of nearly 80,000 tests have been done On CheBanda by more than 20 thousand users of the four major Italian phone companies.

More than 92% of the tests were performed using 4G devices And only a small part of it 3G a network that has already been discontinued by Vodafone and Tim.

5G is not included in the rating: Although user tests attest to rapid development, the results are not very relevant from a numerical point of view. 5G coverage is still meager Focus mainly In the big cities This is not for sure This is also where there is a possibility All telephone operators can provide it.

There are two specific aspects that make network deployment less urgent: To take advantage of 5G network You need to own a compatible smartphone and subscribe to a special tariff plan. In short, objective and subjective reasons make the moment inappropriate Put a rating based on the services that operators provide on the 5G network.

Especially if this arrangement is intended to be useful to users and representative of what is happening throughout the national territory. Although 5G tests are not covered here, it is very important that all four major carriers operating in Italy score significantly better results on 4G than they did a year ago.

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In particular, Vodafone and Iliad experienced the largest increase. All this leads us to believe that despite the great waste of resources needed to implement the NGN, operators still continue to do so. Invest to improve 4G performance.

Ranking of the best telephone operators, who are in first place

The best Italian operators
The best Italian operators

Vodafone wins first place in the call quality rating as the best test with 30,054 points, followed by the Iliad with 24,871, WindTre with 23,061, and Tim (20,910).

Ranking results are expressed in absolute termsthat is, with the exact result returned by the algorithm that forms the basis of the CheBanda implementation, in order to obtain Directly comparable results With those in the past years and to be Able to calculate how much your network speed is improving or deteriorating over time.

It is actually a comparison of the performance of mobile networks from different operators giving a gauge of who performs best and who commits more. Since the application chibanda It also operates in three other countries of the group EuroconsumersAltroconsumo has also operated a International comparison on 4G networks.

Good news for Italy, which took second place with an average of 25,500 points; The first is Portugal, which stands out with 28,000 points. It is followed by Spain (24,000) and Belgium (22,000).

There are four parameters for recording: Download speed; Calculates the time taken to download a file of a given size. upload speed. The time it takes to send a file of a certain size is calculated. Watch video quality. The test monitors access to some of the most visited websites, checking if the page opens correctly and how long it takes to access it. Browsing quality on websites. The test checks the loading and waiting time of the selected video and any pauses and waiting times.

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