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Twitch will give less money to the most followed streamer -

Twitch will give less money to the most followed streamer –

Dan Clancy, President Twitchannounced that the platform will give less money ai Most followed banners. In fact, it will adjust its share of revenue to that of mediums using live broadcasts, thus putting an end to the guaranteed preference agreements in all these years.

Twitch is currently expecting a 50/50 revenue split with streaming devices, which can be as high as 70/30 for popular streamers. The management has now decided to review this policy and bring everyone to the same level.

Top streamers will earn less on Twitch

Compensating top live streaming players further grows the platform, but it’s clearly no longer sustainable (Twitch has been at a loss since its inception), so it’s now decided to change its pace. Even banners with Featured Contracts, which Clancy himself defined in this way, would continue to take 70% of revenue until the first $100,000, then move to 50/50. Basically, they will still maintain a small advantage over the others, but things will definitely become more balanced.

The change will not take effect in the short term, but from June 1, 2023. Therefore, the new percentages will apply to contract renewal. All participating banners have already been notified by email.

According to many observers, the novelty is related to the strict transmission of outflow Youtube, where it is clear that they receive special treatment. It seems that Twitch is no longer interested in pleasing them in every way. It remains to be seen if the broadcasters on the Google platform will be able to replicate the success they have had on Twitch.

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These migrations usually have little success (see Ninja’s escape on Mixer), because users seem to relate more to platforms than to names.