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The American Ornithological Society will change the names of all bird species named after people

The American Ornithological Society will change the names of all bird species named after people

The American Ornithological Society, which, among other things, works to standardize the English names of all birds found on the American continent, The name will change Common among all bird species bearing human names. One of the main reasons for this change is that the names of some bird species belong, for example, to… Slave owners who opposed the abolition of slavery, or Soldiers who committed atrocities against indigenous people Americans: According to the Ornithological Society (ornithology is the science that studies birds), this would contribute to the exclusion of certain marginalized communities from the knowledge and study of birds. But the change will not affect the bird’s scientific name, which is in Latin and is determined by a series of rules that take into account various factors, including evolutionary ones.

The decision to change the names was made by a committee specially formed by the association in 2022 to study the issue. The process by which the names will be changed will initially concern North American birds, and in the coming years will also extend to Central and South American birds. The association intends for the new names to be more descriptive of the birds’ physical appearance, behavior or habitat.

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The Ornithological Society also announced that in addition to the names assigned to people, names deemed offensive will also be changed. The new names will be chosen through public participation, as well as a panel of ornithology experts. The decision has also drawn criticism: some consider it of little benefit in promoting study and knowledge of birds, and argue that the time and economic resources to be invested in this initiative could have been spent more profitably.

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The American Ornithological Society’s decision is part of a debate that also includes other scientific disciplines: The Entomological Society of America has decided to revise bird names. Insects Considered offensive or inappropriate, some astronomers have suggested changing the name of the space telescope James Webb.

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