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The Abyss Beast is over 3 meters long

The Abyss Beast is over 3 meters long

It is more than 3 meters long and over two and a half meters wide abyss monster caught abroad Ceuta in a Spain. the huge moon fish It got stuck in a trap net, and was found by some fishermen a few days ago. “When I got there, I was in deep shock. I couldn’t believe it. I’d read books and articles about the maximum size of a sunfish, but I never thought I’d ever be able to look at it and touch it firsthand,” comments the marine biologist. Enrique Austal Arrived shortly after discovery to identify the greatest free sample.

sun fish

Dark gray skin, rounded grooves on the hips and a large prehistoric head. These are the details of the caught fish. This is likely the record of the discovery of Ceuta. «It’s normal to see a large fish, but not that big. According to the latest scientific research, this species can weigh up to 2000 kilograms“Explains the expert. The scale we tried to weigh with It was on the verge of collapsing, so it definitely weighed over a thousand kilograms“, continue.

A small whale with a fishing net closing its mouth, races against time to save it

Release the fish

After measurements, photos and DNA samples made by Austal and his team, the fish was released into the water, where it quickly disappeared into the depths. The giant sunfish is classified as a vulnerable species and is not the most commonly cooked fish in Europe.

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