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New eruption and tsunami of lava, the end of the island?  - Free daily

New eruption and tsunami of lava, the end of the island? – Free daily

volcano Old La Palma peak, in the Canary Archipelago, it still explodes, subtracting a real archipelago ‘Tsunami’ of glowing lava, which flows “with amazing speed” from the crater of the volcano. This can be seen in the latest video posted on Twitter by the Spanish Volcanology Institute. According to the latest data provided by the authorities, lava has covered so far At least 674 hectares of land, Leading to the evacuation of nearly 6800 people. The anomalous flow of lava, descending like a river in a flood, would be the result of a crater “flooding”.

Volcanic activity never seems to stop: it’s been going on for nearly a month now. In fact, it all started last September 19 and from that moment on the eruptions progressed sometimes with a larger explosion, sometimes with more liquid lava. They reported it, as it was reported TgCom24Those responsible for this natural disaster developed a contingency plan. Meanwhile, it also increased seismic activity In the southeast of La Palma.

As recorded by the National Geographic Institute and reported by the Iberian media, in fact, since last night it has been recorded More than 60 shocks, including one with a magnitude of 4.5, which is the strongest since the volcanic phenomenon began. Despite the assurances of experts, this situation is still being generated Fear and distress in the inhabitants of the area, As reported by local media.